Orange You Glad We’re Green?

Although most would not argue with the fact that the push for “going green” is a necessary and important step for companies, as consumers and the target audience of the companies we must consider the reality. In an ideal world, companies are going green because it is the right thing to do and they are concerned about our environment. However, the skeptical student in me makes me take a step back before buying into their “concern” and think about their true intentions. Take a look at this commercial for Xango and their new “Green” initiative.

Catchy jingle but is Xango really concerned about doing their part to help reduce their carbon footprint? Or in a world where going green is the latest fad, can companies simply not afford to stay in their old ways? Organic and “green” is what consumers want whether companies like it or not.  Although it is not completely a bad thing since it does force companies to make the change, it also may lead to consumers giving companies more praise than they deserve. So before you tweet about how XYZ company is “going green” think about the possible reasons behind their move before you press enter.

-Alaethea Hensley, Jessica Kingman, and Lauren Phelps

3 thoughts on “Orange You Glad We’re Green?

  1. I definitely think some companies are “going green” just to make themselves look appealing to consumers. Since so many people are now starting to be environmentally friendly and conscious about the things they buy, it forces companies to change if they want to stay in business. However, I don’t think we should look down upon anyone making a change to help the environment, no matter what he motives are. Either way they are still putting forth effort to promote a healthy environment. While the Xango commercial is extremely cheesy, I think the advertising is to be blamed rather than the message they are trying to convey.

  2. First of all, that commercial was possibly one of the worst commercials I have ever seen. Aside from the awful music, I do not think that it explains enough about the product. I did not even know what Xango was, so I had to go look it up. Although the jingle may play in your head for a while, it does not properly portray the product. On the other hand, I think that it is a very positive thing that they are a “green” company. Even though I feel like they should have focused more on the product rather than their “greenness”, the fact that they are green will surely help the company since going green is the new thing. Although their intentions may not solely be revolved around “making the world a better place”, I still think that it is commendable that Xango adapted to the new eco-friendly trend. It may not be for the best of intentions, but it is still being done. At the end of the day, that is what I think counts.

  3. I think it all goes back to the question: “what is the reasoning behind what companies do?” There is a very specific reason for every decision a business makes. I would like to think that every company really does care about the environment, thus the “green” push. Realistically, I think that many companies simply do it for the consumers it will bring them. I have read about so many companies that meet one “green” or “organic” requirement and therefore they can put that on their labels, when in reality they are not a green company. Another example is “free-range” animals… Many state’s requirements for a “free-range” label is for the animal to have their feet on the ground for a few minutes each day. Another is that the animals simply have to see outside once a day. It is important to be critical of companies that claim to be nature-friendly, because there are many loopholes that can be jumped through!

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