Orange You Glad We’re Green?

Although most would not argue with the fact that the push for “going green” is a necessary and important step for companies, as consumers and the target audience of the companies we must consider the reality. In an ideal world, companies are going green because it is the right thing to do and they are concerned about our environment. However, the skeptical student in me makes me take a step back before buying into their “concern” and think about their true intentions. Take a look at this commercial for Xango and their new “Green” initiative.

Catchy jingle but is Xango really concerned about doing their part to help reduce their carbon footprint? Or in a world where going green is the latest fad, can companies simply not afford to stay in their old ways? Organic and “green” is what consumers want whether companies like it or not.  Although it is not completely a bad thing since it does force companies to make the change, it also may lead to consumers giving companies more praise than they deserve. So before you tweet about how XYZ company is “going green” think about the possible reasons behind their move before you press enter.

-Alaethea Hensley, Jessica Kingman, and Lauren Phelps