Give Thanks for Brand Names

On this Black Friday, like every other Black Friday before it, shoppers look forward to the best deals. Everyone wants the most they can get for the least they have to pay. Sure Thanksgiving was only a day before, but once the clock strikes midnight, all thoughts of Thanksgiving have left and the pressure of buying Christmas gifts have set in full-force. Black Friday is a day of ultimate competition between brands with similar target markets. Businesses want people to buy products simply because for today they can afford it, not because they necessarily need it. There is a balance that every business and shopper alike struggle with. This is the balance between quality, quantity, and price of a product. Black Friday is the day that no one has to struggle so much with this balance. Today marks a delicate exposure of brands and how low they are willing to go price-wise to beat out the competition but still make a hefty profit.

It might pain a business to hang up those 50% off signs, but they must remember it is only for one day and in this one day, they know they will have more business than possibly any other time of the year. So why is it that while other stores are giving promos for additional percentages off purchases and knocking prices left and right while brands like Apple are “pushing it” to give $61 off a $600 product? This is what happens when your brand name is seemingly more valuable than the products themselves. Sure you can go to Best Buy and purchase a knock-off iPad for a quarter of the price, but when Black Friday is over, you are going to be wishing you had the apple logo on the back of the tablet. For the thrifty buyers whose ranking from most to least important is price, quantity, and quality, the fact that Apple does not subject themselves to sales and price slashing means that they will not be purchasing Apple products. However, if you have developed a brand loyalty for a certain brand name and you know whether that product is on sale or not you are going to buy that product, then Black Friday is exciting for you even if the sale is next-to-nothing. At the end of the day, you wind up $61 richer than you would have been.

-Claire Dillard, Liz LaPuasa

9 thoughts on “Give Thanks for Brand Names

  1. This was a pretty interesting blog post because I can closely relate to the subject, especially since I have just purchased an Apple MacBook. I did remember checking apple’s website and seeing that they barely had a discount on all of their projects. Yes, of course you can get a knockoff iPad but are you paying for the quality? In my opinion, I will always buy mac products because I’m so impressed with the quality and output work it does. I know that they are a little on the pricey side, but it’s for a good reason and worth every single penny. I wouldn’t go out and buy one of their products on a crazy Black Friday just for a discount of 60%l=,

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I personally do not shop on Black Friday because of the crowds and also because how I think most of the deals are not much of a deal. Like the 61 off 600 for the Apple product. When you think about it, that really is not that much at all but because it is Apple who is selling the product it just automatically seems like a great deal. Consumers are so consumed with barnd names that spending money seems like the last of their worries as long as there is some type of discount.

  3. Apple products have always been pricy, but they hold their own in the market because of their quality. When you buy a mac product you know it will be a good investment. I’ve had my macbook pro for 3 years now and have never had a problem with it, where as I cannot say the same for PCs that I’ve had in the past. I was watching Oprah Season 25: Behind the Scenes and for her favorite things episode she wanted to give away the Ipad; however, apple wouldn’t agree to donate it at first because they already have established enough of the market that they don’t need extra plug-ins from even a celebrity as popular as Oprah. I found that very interesting, but it makes so much sense for their company.

  4. I thought this blog post was rather interesting! I agree that every shopper makes purchasing decisions on quality, quantity, and price especially with the way our current economy is. I have only shopped in the early AM on Black Friday once and I will never do it again! I would rather spend the extra $20-60 dollars than have to fight, wait in the cold, and deal with ignorant people. This past Black Friday I went shopping later on in the afternoon which wasn’t so bad. I still think that it’s crazy ho anyone will wait or go through pushing and shoving just to save a little bit of money! CRAZY! From the company standpoint Black Friday is great because its the one day out of the year that they are guaranteed business.

  5. As a Black Friday shopper myself I was able to see firsthand how crazy not only people can get during those crazy early morning hours but how crazy the prices can get. Every organization knows that they will be making a whole lot of money and that for them dropping down prices seems worth it, customers similarly see that deals are only going to be there for so long so buying the products seem worth it. Does an apple appliance not on sale seem worth it? For most people no, that’s why they will wait until the next revision comes out because the two month old ‘old’ version will be significantly cheaper. The deals that happen on Black Friday could not even be that good but since they are happening on Black Friday everyone assumes that they are a god sent, when in all actuality wait until everyone has the need to have item then get it later when it’s not as valuable. Apple is also probably not the only one not having sales but while Apple is trying to uphold an image and not cut prices, people are buying the same appliances basically but significantly cheaper because as long as they are saving money and seeing all the savings from the shopping done on this one day ray rack up they will be so ignorantly bliss that they got the appliance they want, they won’t care that it’s not an apple.

  6. This blog post was really interesting to me because I can easily relate to it. I was actually just having a conversation about how I’ve become such a “brand snob” as I like to call myself. I’m definitely one of those people who is fiercely loyal to a specific brand. When I was in the market for a tablet, there was no question in my mind that I would go with Apple’s iPad. I’ve seen replicas, if you will, and while some are really very good, I am just always impressed with Apple products so I had to go with the iPad. Not to mention you feel kind of cool if you say you have a tablet and it’s the iPad. As it was mentioned above, the brand name itself really is more valuable than the actual product.

  7. As an employee who works at PacSun and experienced black friday full throttle, haha, our store actually had a lot of buy one gut one free deals. I feel like this is a rare sale to see in a retail store, but because of our sales, we are able to make these mark downs. I know there are certain companies that cannot afford to make these sale promotions. Being in the location that we are in: beach town, college town, 14-30 age, we are able to draw in a large target market and sell enough to be able to make these price cuts without the risk of not meeting daily goals and still surpassing last years sales.

  8. I thought this was an interesting post. Brand loyalty is something I think every company aspires to; to have a fan base, a loyal consumer or customer group who recognizes greatness and realizes that you cannot put a 50% discount sticker on it. Certain companies, like Apple have made a name for themselves that, sure, the prices are steeper, but the quality, customer satisfaction is worth the extra amount. There are the brand “freaks” who only use a certain product, and some people even see this as arrogance, etc, but I think it is just an extension of brand loyalty at its best.

  9. I work at a Jewelry store, and although we were busy on Black Friday, we did not get nearly the business that many big stores (Such as our neighbor, Belk) got. The thing is, people don’t go hog-wild for jewelry sales on Black Friday. They are going to be waiting in line for big-screen tv’s and computers. I think that branding plays a huge part in Black Friday mayhem. I think that if a company has the ability to stand strong and not slash prices, more power to them! I know that I would never dream of facing the mobs of shoppers trying to get the best deal. In the end, there is nothing that I need SO badly that I would go out on Black Friday to buy.

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