There is an app for that! A food app!

If you are like most people you probably use technology to do just about anything, so why not use technology to help cook your Thanksgiving dinner? Being responsible for housing your in-laws, and preparing a feast for several hungry stomachs at the same time has never been easier! With loads of mobile applications you can make your grocery list, shop, and even have a step by step guide on how to make each dish for your meal to really have your Thanksgiving made simple. There are applications that allow you to make your grocery list and even tell you how much money you spend so you will not have the temptation to splurge. There are also apps called kitchen calculator for when there’s no time for math in the kitchen, not to worry this app has it covered. All you have to do is select a unit of measurement and in no time you’ll be converting, multiplying and adding your way to the perfect turkey stuffing.

Leftovers? No problem! The application called “Love Food Hate Waste” offers advice on what to do with all that leftover food sitting in the fridge staring at you every time you open it. This app helps you to prepare meals with all those week’s worth of leftovers. The best part of all is that you can actually take all of the different types of leftovers you have and throw them into a virtual blender and it will concoct a whole list of yummy recipes straight from the ingredients in your fridge!  We all have a love for food. These smart apps help make our cooking experience easier and will also help bring out each of our inner Julia Childs. The digital marketing era keeps expanding and growing. Each and every day another food app is discovered and added to the encyclopedia of over 60,00 apps. What will these marketers thing of next??? Just type in food into any digital device and see!

Enjoy your family, be thankful for all you have and don’t eat too much!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving from IMC 2 class!


-Ashley Nelson, Jordan Hill, Michela Noreski

One thought on “There is an app for that! A food app!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I have just recently joined the iPhone community and I’m still stunned by the number of apps and types of apps that are out there! There literally is an app for anything and everything…I guess some are even available now for simply putting together a meal! It seems to hinder our innovativeness and creativity but I suppose if these apps are ready and available to us then why not go for it and use them.This really goes to show how effective the digital marketing era is and how it is stronger now than ever before!

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