Feeding America Through Giving

With the thanksgiving holiday a mere three days away, people around America have only one thing on their mind….


Stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie…the list goes on and on and on. Family traditions and recipes will fill the kitchens on Thursday as our country enjoys the warmth that comes from a steaming plate of food surrounded by loved ones. This time of year welcomes the holiday season and gives people time to think about everything they can be thankful for as they look ahead to a rapidly approaching new year. And with those thoughts in mind, helping those who may be less fortunate should also be a considered part of this holiday’s mission.
Local and National non-profit agencies use this time of year to connect with families across America to end the hunger that many homes will face both today and on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. One major organization, Feeding America, has been partnered with national brands in order to promote their message of giving; especially during a time that allows for people to feel thankful for what they have and aware of how they can help those in need this year. Partnerships with Kraft, Pepsi, ConAgra, Ameriprise, and Sam’s Club are only a few of the promotional partners that have led to this organization’s ability to help over 37 million Americans each year. Their support, marketing, and contribution to this cause allows for various consumers around America to find different avenues to get involved and help the fight against hunger as well. All we have to do as individuals is make the next step that marketers of these brands hope for: donate.
Feeding America would not have the ability to reach as many people without their partnerships with corporations, celebrities, local food banks, and the media. However none of their efforts to spread awareness will be successful without evoking action. This holiday season, as we all daydream about the hot apple cider and comfort of the fireplace, non-profit organizations hope that they can warm your heart to the thought of giving. And with 49 million Americans unsure of where their next meal will come from this holiday season, the act of giving should be on the minds of those who have so much to be thankful for this year.

-Sally Shupe, Jared Sales, Oliver Evans

9 thoughts on “Feeding America Through Giving

  1. I think that many people (myself included!) get so wrapped up in our own personal comfort that it is easy to forget it is just that: comfort. Not needs, vital to our existence. Being able to afford to travel home for Thanksgiving is a comfort. Having copious amounts of food on the table on Thanksgiving day (and every other day!) is a comfort. (Need I even get into Black Friday?!) I myself have been kind of moping around as Thanksgiving approaches because all of my family is headed up to Michigan to be with my mom, but I couldn’t get that much time off work so I will be spending it with my best friends family. The fact is, I will still eat way to much on Thanksgiving, be surrounded by people who love me, and sleep comfortably in a warm bed. Many people do not have that comfort, that luxury. This holiday season I am hoping to change the way that I tend to think about things… that easy mind-set to slip into: me! me! me! I want to make a difference. It may or may not be donating money to a fund such as Feeding America. But already I joined with Communication Studies Society to help feed a local family who couldn’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner. I am partnering with my church’s project “Angel Tree” where we are buying presents for local kids who normally wouldn’t get anything for Christmas. That is what the holiday season is about. I hope that we can all forget about our own comfort for a little while and look around us at those who are in need. And don’t forget to be thankful for the opportunities to help others!

  2. While I was reading this article, I felt the urge to go out and donate food to one of these non profit organizations. This article highlights why a solid advertising campaign is crucial to making things happen, whether the company is profiting or not. With their productive partnerships and advertising, The Feeding America campaign can be successful.

  3. What an inspiring article. It is hard to believe that there are 49 million Americans who do not know when they are receiving their next meal. This article makes me thankful for what I have as well as guilty. I think about all the food my mom makes for our family’s Thanksgiving meal, but then ends up wasting. We never can eat as much as she prepares. I will make it an effort this year to try to see that some of that extra food does not go to waste, as well as help spread the word that these people mentioned in the article need our help and support. I am blessed.

  4. I cannot express how much of a relief it is to read an article that is based off of the original idea of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks.Everyone is so focused on maximizing their vacation from work or school, finalizing travel plans, and preparing to host that they forget to celebrate the selfless concept behind the holiday. Not only did I not know about the Feeding America organzation, I was not aware of the partnerships made with so many big corporations like Sam’s Club, who already has phenominal price cuts. I had no idea how many people the organization helped each year. The opportunity to give and to share will be in my mind during this holiday weekend. In particular, I will see where the nearest Feed America organized location is so my family and I can take part.

  5. I am not from the US and this year will be my first Thanksgiving. I like the idea about thanksgiving to be thankful for what you have, but I do not like the commercial site of thanksgiving. However, I feel everybody should be grateful and share every day and not just once in a year. I guess, it is difficult to keep the original meaning of traditional holidays, the same happened to Christmas, eastern holiday etc. Nevertheless, the article is great to make people aware of the real meaning of thanksgiving and it is a start.

  6. I really think this blog is important to make people realize that we are not thankful enough of what we have got. I myself do not celebrate Thanksgiving as I lived in Europe, but I have a feeling that Thanksgiving here is very commercialized and people often forget what this day is actually made for. I’ve never heard about Feeding America but I think it’s a great mean to help people who cannot afford making their Thanksgiving dinner. At least, it makes people to start thinking about other people and be thankful about what we have got. However, I believe that we should be thankful every day. Thanksgiving is just a platform to express our thanks.

  7. This blog reiterates what I tried to keep in mind this holiday season. This is a holiday about giving and being thankful for what we are given. This Thanksgiving my friends and I participated in the Adopt-A-Family program where you purchase thanksgiving makings for a family in need. We were able to put our money together and purchase groceries for a family and it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve taken part of all year. To know that there are families out there going hungry while we live in excess breaks my heart, and I think that reminding people of how fortunate we are and how little it takes to help out others is so important. I really appreciate this reminder during the holiday season.

  8. This article reminds me of how much most of us take for granted in our lives. I know for a fact that the amount of food that was thrown out after thanksgiving in my house alone enough to feed another small family. Feeding America sounds like an amazing cause, and is a reminder that our world needs more positive influences such as these.

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