A New Kind of Endorsement

TGIF! Since it’s Friday, we wanted  to stray away from the scary world of molesters and gunmen to take a look at one of the newest corporate communication strategies that many e-commerce companies are using to contact their publics: “celebrity curators”.

Different from the everyday endorsement, celebrity curators are a fusion of celebs, social media, and personalization. Ever seen or heard of ShoeDazzle, the Kim Kardashian-sponsored online store for $39.95 shoes and handbags?  This is one of the most popular examples of how companies are using celebrity curators. You take a quick quiz to determine your style, then shows you a custom selection of shoes and bags picked just for you! ShoeDazzle features this famous Kardashian as a celebrity stylist.  This strategy makes the customer feel like they’re not only buying a cool and hip product that a glamourous celebrity would wear, but it also creates a more personal shopping experience for them. Celebrity curators are seen as one of the main success drivers for these types of online companies, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before the rest of the e-commerce world catches on to this trend!

-Claire Dillard & Liz LaPuasa

16 thoughts on “A New Kind of Endorsement

  1. This is very true! I didn’t realize that they were called celebrity curators. The example you used, ShoeDazzle, seems really neat. I’ve never gone on personally but I have a few friends who do use it. They love it. Companies realize that the public follows celebrities in a lot of different way especially in fashion. Instead of following them on television now we are taking their advice online.

  2. I have never heard of the term “celebrity curator,” but I have realized that various companies are attempting to create a more personal type of branding that easily adapts to the costumer; ShoeDazzle is a great example of this emerging technique.
    The combination of a “personalized style” as well as a celebrity endorsement, such as Kim Kardashian, is a great strategy for this type of customized branding.

  3. I thought that this article was rather interesting! I have learned that marketing has moved towards a consumer perspective where business focus on the customers wants and needs. I think that the idea ShoeDazzle has displayed is brilliant!!! What better way for customize your products for customers than you giving them a purchase selection based on a quiz?? And better yet, throwing a celebrity curator such as Kim Kardashian is even more brilliant!

  4. I really enjoyed this post. It’s definitely apparent that companies use celebrities in order to further solicit their products. However, I didn’t know that it was referred to as “celebrity curator.” I think that this way of advertising is very beneficial and is going to be extremely successful. Celebrities are walking advertisements of what is currently in style. Shoedazzle was an excellent example of this. Not only have I been to this website but also have friends that utilize it all the time. It’s quick, easy, and the quiz actually helps to narrow down the selection process.

  5. This blog is so true. Companies use celebraties to promote their product whether it is online or in the actually store. Companies that use celebraties are being successful it is the best way to advertise a brand. People want everything that celebraties have. Shoe dazzle seems to be a great example, Ive personally never been on the website but anything that has to do with a Kardashian these days seem to be a big hit.

  6. For COM 200 part of my second probe is focused on how celebrities affect consumer behavior so this blog couldn’t have come at a better time. Celebrities not only elevate a brand’s image but they can create a sense of stability and reassurance for the customer. Often the commodities celebrities are peddling are not essential to life. So, buyers prefer to feel like there is someone that will take responsibility for the product.

  7. These days celebrities seem to be in the majority of advertisements and it comes as no surprise that Shoedazzle used Kim Kardashian as the face of their brand! Since we are constantly exposed to celebrities on tv shows, magazines, etc. it’s a really smart idea for companies to use them as “curators” for their products. They boost the chance of success for the company and makes the whole experience seem more personal through the celebrity’s connection.

  8. As sad as I find it to be it is amazing how many people will do something or buy something because a celebrity they have never met said its a good idea. Having said that I think you would be hard pressed to find a better way to advertise something than a celebrity endorsement. It really is extremely effective. I am glad to learn that between sex-tapes and divorces that she still has time to help folks shop for shoes!

  9. It is amazing how many people act like metal to a magnet when exposed to celebrity curators. I find it unfortunate that many people will buy a product simply because a celebrity endorses it. The fact that the Kardashian family is even accepted by society as any form of role model disgusts me. I believe people should make their own decisions for their self and not just because they’ve been told it’s “cool” or “popular”. Acting otherwise expresses a clear lack of self esteem and individuality, which is unfortunate for those who buy into celebrity curators. I’m sure there are plenty of people who buy products from these companies with other excuses and reasons why they buy the product other than the fact that it is endorsed by the celebrity. Sure, $39.95 handbags and shoes are great, but if I was a female exposed to this company and celebrity curator, I would shift away from the product simply because of the ignorant endorsement scheme.

  10. This is a great idea and I think a lot more companies should follow suit. Not only as mentioned does it create a personal shopping experience it makes the customer feel valued as it looks as though the company is taking time to help the customer shop.

    It also can promote shopping, if a customer has an celebrity idol or someone the aspire to be they can dress like them and buy things to make sure they are just like them.

    I don’t think its sad that people may aspire to look like someone else. Noone is completely individual everyone gets ideas from someone else or something. If you look around campus you will see only a handful of individual people. everyone is wearing the same thing.

  11. Wow!! I had no idea this even existed! However, it was only a matter of time before something like this became available and promoted. I think it’s a great idea that takes online shopping to a whole new level because of the personal experience that the consumer receives from it. People will buy any product based on how it’s marketed and promoted, so I see this being extremely successfully and growing in the near future.

  12. Celebrity Curating, although the term was unknown to me before this post, has been going on for years. It first started with just sticking a face to a product, but now its leading its way to putting a celebrity on a whole business. Kim Kardashian is a great example of shoe dazzle. Meaning if these shoes and handbags are good enough for Kim K, they are good enough for you. Another example is the Kardashian sisters celebrity curating for TRIMSPA.
    It is a successful way to help a business out because a pretty or healthy person is not enough to sell a product, they need something better than that for people to strive to be.

  13. It is key for any business to create and customizable product for their consumers. Throw a celebrity in there to endorse it, then you have yourself almost guaranteed customer satisfaction and loyalty. Shoedazzle makes people feel like this is exactly what Kim Kardashian wears so “it must be stylish and cute,” therefore, they buy the product. It is a great way to promote a product or service if it indicates a sense of affordable luxury for your client.

  14. Its funny how you’all mentioned a brand represented by Kim Kardashian. Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, but Kim Kardashian is famous for her endorsements and you may even want to call her a professional endorser. Since Kim’s latest celebrity antics and 72-day marriage, her brand may be tarnished. Kim’s celebrity status is dependent upon her alluring beauty, personal scandals such as her ‘sex tape’, and her numerous endorsement deals. Without the latter, Kim would be just another rich girl in Beverly Hills. But because she has taken advantage of branding herself she has been able to score numerous endorsement deals. Her NBA ex-husband also just signed a huge endorsement deal after the announcement of their divorce. The lesson in this is take advantage of the spotlight while you can, but be careful not to tarnish your brand image!

  15. I think that this is a good way to get your shoes customized the way that you would like them to look. This normally brings more customers because they know that they can fine something that they like just by entering their interests and style and it will pick it out for you. I do not think that choosing Kim Kardashian to help with this process is a good idea however. With the negative like and the accusations that have been made regarding her marriage and the truth about it, a lot of negative feedback has been presented stating that it was believe to be a publicity stunt and a way for her and her ex to make 18 million dollars. If I was on the negative side, I would not be purchasing anything that she is advertising.

  16. One of my best friends has done Shoe Dazzle and really enjoys the site and its personal feel to it. As much as Kim Kardashian makes me cringe I think that what Shoe Dazzle is doing is an extremely smart tactic. I think if more online shopping stores made the consumers experience a more personal one like Shoe Dazzles, then they would be much more successful.

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