A New Kind of Endorsement

TGIF! Since it’s Friday, we wanted  to stray away from the scary world of molesters and gunmen to take a look at one of the newest corporate communication strategies that many e-commerce companies are using to contact their publics: “celebrity curators”.

Different from the everyday endorsement, celebrity curators are a fusion of celebs, social media, and personalization. Ever seen or heard of ShoeDazzle, the Kim Kardashian-sponsored online store for $39.95 shoes and handbags?  This is one of the most popular examples of how companies are using celebrity curators. You take a quick quiz to determine your style, then shows you a custom selection of shoes and bags picked just for you! ShoeDazzle features this famous Kardashian as a celebrity stylist.  This strategy makes the customer feel like they’re not only buying a cool and hip product that a glamourous celebrity would wear, but it also creates a more personal shopping experience for them. Celebrity curators are seen as one of the main success drivers for these types of online companies, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before the rest of the e-commerce world catches on to this trend!

-Claire Dillard & Liz LaPuasa