Celebs of Hogwarts

Harry Potter is a name that is known by people worldwide. Known both for the book series and the movies, this brand seems to be everywhere. Although plenty of merchandise sells because of its affiliation with the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter itself is much more than a brand. Harry Potter fans have read the books and seen the movies, and have developed a deep connection with the characters involved. There is an emotional attachment to this brand and therefore anything that sells with the picture or logo for Harry Potter means something more to them. But what seems to be the most representative visual for this brand? Not the creator, J.K. Rowling. This would be Daniel Radcliffe, Rubert Grint, and Emma Watson.



Chances are, if you began watching the movies before you finish reading the books, you would start to imagine these actors in your head as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, instead of the people you imagined before these actors were selected to play the parts. To many Harry Potter fanatics, these people are not just your average celebrities- they are friends.  The actors no longer have any choice but to be marketers for the Harry Potter brand no matter what they are doing. If Daniel Radcliffe gets married, it almost seems as though Harry Potter is getting married. If Emma Watson wears a provocative outfit, it feels like Hermione is being scandalous. So is this type of celebrity life better or worse than those celebrities who are famous just for being themselves? I think it means that these actors have a lot more riding on them than it initially seems.

-Claire Dillard, Liz LaPuasa



7 thoughts on “Celebs of Hogwarts

  1. I agree with this unfortunately. As a Harry Potter fan, I read the novels first. I try not to impose Daniel, Rupert and Emma onto the characters that play out in my mind when I read the books, but because of the film’s high marketability to both fans and not-fans, it’s extremely hard not to.

    The reasons you listed is why Emma Watson cut off all her hair! She didn’t want to be “Hermione” forever. Much like Jaleel White who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters in the 90’s, she wanted to be seen as an actor (actress). Not as everyone’s beloved character.

  2. I would agree that these three young actors have a lot riding on them. Any decision they make will have an affect on the Harry Potter brand. Probably not as much now that the serious and the books are done but everything they do will probably always be tied back to Harry Potter. Another interesting aspect to think about would be if these three actors will ever be able to play another role. I feel as if they will always be seen as there characters as witches and mystical and nothing else. It will be another spook repeat, when it was officially decided after his two books that Spok will never be able to play another character but Spok. I also think that these three actors have made enough money that they will never have to be in another movie in there life and would be set. But we will see how it goes for them if they try. I’m sure there loyal fan base will be eager to support any future movie they are in.

  3. I definitely do agree with this post. I find it rather unfortunate for the actors themselves because they do have a lot riding on them. When you play such a notable character or really anyone in a beloved series, you will often be known for the rest of your life as that character. The thing with the Harry Potter franchise that really screwed them was the fact that they started making these movies before all the books were even all written. So yeah, when you’re reading the newest book, you’ll probably envision these three actors in your head. Not to mention there are eight films that spanned over ten years. When any one actor spends a majority of their time and life playing one character, especially a hugely popular one, they will forever be known as that character. And of course you’re going to have those crazy fans who really believe that these actors are those characters. When you agree to be apart of a successful franchise, you kind of have to sign your life over to the public. For example, besides the Harry Potter actors, take a look at the Twilight actors. I don’t think any group of fans were ever more psychotic or irrational. I really do think that some people sincerely thought that these actors were their fictional counterparts. The only difference between the Twilight actors and the Harry Potter ones, is that these films didn’t make up a majority of their life and they’ve all done work outside of the franchise. It will be interesting to see if Daniel Raddecliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will be able to shake their Harry Potter identities and really make it in other films.

  4. I agree, and at the same time think it’s unfortunate. I sometimes become disappointed when I read about and have an image of a character, and when the movie comes out, the actor does not fit what I feel the character should look like. In the case of Harry Potter, the actors are exactly what I imagined when I read the book, but there have been many cases when this has not been true. I also think that the roles actors play can create a kind of “role expectation” some actors have to stick by in their career. For example, it’s hard for me to take an actor like Jack Black, someone I think is hilarious and provocative, and take him serious in a thriller or action movie. It’s unfortunate how this can happen, and how it can sometimes limit an actor’s career, but more often than not an actor can make or break a film.

  5. Harry Potter has become a cultural icon, which I believe to be held in the ranks with “trekkies” and Star Wars fans. When books are made into films or TV shows it is hard not to picture the actors as the characters. The actors are often held to high principles to live up to the impossible standards we build in our mind.

    These actors will always be recognized for their iconic roles. As they age and develop their acting careers, they will try to break from the mold, which boxes their capabilities to just “Harry Potter.” Emma Watson wanted to live her own life, which filming Harry Potter hindered her from doing, which is why she cut her hair and is attending college. It’s not like she needs the degree to make money—but she’s following her dreams outside the realm of “Hogwarts.” This does not make them ungrateful, thought, for going their own way and trying not to limit their personal brand strictly to the Harry Potter franchise.

    Daniel Radcliffe has branched out to Broadway and performed completely naked in front of audiences. (Gasp!) Some may think that actions these actors make taint the Harry Potter name, but I believe it is just their way of expressing themselves and developing. These actors are not the characters we build in our mind, but just a representation, something I think we over-exuberant fans forget.

  6. I think this blog is on point! Having read all the Harry Potter books and watched all the HP movies I can say that I have definitely developed an emotional attachment to the brand. HP is more than a character in a book, he represents a magical world, and more… Universal Studios has even created “The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter” which is an amusement park that looks exactly like Hogwarts. Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron will always be seen as characters from Harry Potter because of the huge brand that they have created.

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