Celebs of Hogwarts

Harry Potter is a name that is known by people worldwide. Known both for the book series and the movies, this brand seems to be everywhere. Although plenty of merchandise sells because of its affiliation with the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter itself is much more than a brand. Harry Potter fans have read the books and seen the movies, and have developed a deep connection with the characters involved. There is an emotional attachment to this brand and therefore anything that sells with the picture or logo for Harry Potter means something more to them. But what seems to be the most representative visual for this brand? Not the creator, J.K. Rowling. This would be Daniel Radcliffe, Rubert Grint, and Emma Watson.



Chances are, if you began watching the movies before you finish reading the books, you would start to imagine these actors in your head as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, instead of the people you imagined before these actors were selected to play the parts. To many Harry Potter fanatics, these people are not just your average celebrities- they are friends.  The actors no longer have any choice but to be marketers for the Harry Potter brand no matter what they are doing. If Daniel Radcliffe gets married, it almost seems as though Harry Potter is getting married. If Emma Watson wears a provocative outfit, it feels like Hermione is being scandalous. So is this type of celebrity life better or worse than those celebrities who are famous just for being themselves? I think it means that these actors have a lot more riding on them than it initially seems.

-Claire Dillard, Liz LaPuasa