The power of the media as we know it is fierce, strong and overwhelming to say the least.  We all have access to so much information through the use of the internet, television and social media; however, it always leaves us wanting more.  Even with all the important news and current events that should be prioritized via these forms of information, one of the most popular topics revolves around our societal obsession with celebrities.

Today, talent and accomplishments is no longer important to most Americans following celebrities; rather it is a matter of what outlandish actions a person is willing to take. Through personal branding, celebrities purposefully say and do things in order to increase their publicity.  Essentially, the more media attention they get, the more money they will make.  In recent years with social media and reality TV, certain celebs have exploited themselves in order to claim more fame. Recently, Kim Kardashian has proven to be a great example of someone who has manipulated the mass media leaving us asking: “What will she do next?”  Her recent announcement of her divorce from husband, Kris Humphries, after a seventy-two day marriage should come as a shock. However, due to her reputation and past behaviors…the news is less than a surprise.  A multi-million dollar wedding that was aired and viewed nationally made Kardashian a rumored $18 million dollars. Now with the divorce in progress, she is bound to make another fortune.  Although it could be that the marriage legitimately did not work out, it is much easier to assume that it was a business decision from the beginning. After all…any publicity is “good” publicity.

Kim Kardashian’s establishment of fame only confirms the fact that our society and media sources have the ability to brand people under certain labels based on the actions that we see on television and through gossip columns. Her recent story is a clear example of how mass media can mold any “character” on television into the kind of person they can most easily be made into. So regardless of whether the fame was deserved or not…it is us as a public that make keep these stories on the headlines and keeps the celebrities fighting for their chance at redefining and establishing their “genuine” image.

– Oliver Evans, Sally Shupe, Jared Sales

13 thoughts on “Karda$hian

  1. This article makes many good points. “Today, talent and accomplishments is no longer important to most Americans following celebrities; rather it is a matter of what outlandish actions a person is willing to take.” – This couldn’t be a better definition of the current American entertainment and celebrity follower’s perspective. As a society, we tend to brand people under these bizarre labels after watching and reading about their crazy publicity stunts. Often times we forget to take into consideration that many of these celebrities are just out for more fame and popularity; unfortunately, we just jump to the conclusion that they are being for real.

  2. This article was a great read and I really enjoyed it! The thing I find so fascinating with Kim Kardashian is how rich she is and no talent to back it up. Kim has created such a unique and powerful brand. She is very business savvy and knows how to make the big bucks. BUT she had no talent to put her in this position to be so rich. She got her first big taste of fame in a very controversial video with Ray J. Kim is not a talented actriss or singer, so it fascinates me to see her create such a powerful “brand”! The social media fell in love with Kim instantly and her star was born. This article brings up so many great points about social media and how they can mold and create a charachter. Can someone please tell me how Kim got so rich and so famous? It’s because the social media fell in love and created this lady into a monster money making figure. Kim is one of the most successful and richest ladies in the world. Her “brand” is now international and it’s soaring! The media has created this star in my opinion and I must warn her! Yes, they made your star but the media can also pop your star just as fast as they created it. All it takes is one very bad step and the media will have a field day. But now a days it’s not a field day it’s a “field month” or “field year” with the media.

  3. This article makes some great points. Overall, it is true that media is extremely powerful whether people want to believe it or not. When I was reading this article one thing that I thought about was that the producers or managers choose what they put on television. From there we always must question whether or not the things we see are an accurate portrayal of a person or event. A lot of times they may air scenes just to get good reviews. Our view of people and ideas on television is based on what media shows us. It is sad how America views Kim Kardashian now based on the reality show and her latest divorce drama.

  4. This article reinforces the fact that the media and its power can influence our societal views about what news is important or not. The Kardashian’s are a brand and a product, hence why Kim did not want to change her last name because she didn’t want to to ruin her brand. The beliefs and values of particular people become skewed when the media takes over and manipulates particular scenes or events of reality television, but in the end they all still make their millions and exploit themselves to gain money and power.

  5. This sums up my thoughts exactly. I rarely watch television but when I do its usually one of the Kardashian shows. I find their lives entertaining because I definitely couldn’t compare my life to theirs on any level. Just as my peers have stated before the media will continue to mold television to what sells to the public. Kim Kardashian’s wedding and divorce fiasco is a prime example of what the audience finds entertaining today. Sadly, we would rather see what happens within her divorce than finding out about whats going on in the world. I’m guilty of being in this category. But even though we realize that shows like the Kardashian’s are not what we should be absorbed in-to, it will continue to grow.

  6. The public are fickle, no matter how deep and serious find themselves. Everyone has a guilty pleasure and for many it is indulging in the fantasy of celebrities. Keeping up to date with the wonders of their fabulous life or secretly taking happiness when things cos wrong for celebrities, as it proves that at the end of the day they are still human and things do go wrong for them too.

    I agree that many celebrities now-a-days have become famous for doing nothing. But the fact that these celebrities are able to make so much money and create such a huge brand of themselves surely says something. The Kardashians are a perfect example of this. Kim does something shady years ago but look where she is now. No-one mentions how she became famous, she has TV shows, clothes lines, perfumes, make-up and off the end of it all her family are ALL famous too. This is all very clever branding and very clever management. And the failing of her marriage was just unfortunate and a result of a bad couple pairing (which fortunately led to a massive income)

    But if the public are fickle enough to lap it up (and I must admit I am one of those people) why shouldn’t celebrities take advantage of that opportunity, because who else is going to entertain is this easily??

  7. In a way, it seems that the Kardashian family has become an elaborate factory, churning out money babies…. I thoroughly hate how Kris utilizes her children for an additional hour of fame. From a point of view that concerns no values, it would seem that Kris is a business woman who knows what to do for constant progression. The start of Kim’s true stardom is rooted in her sex tape scandal that seems to have disappeared into a cloud of reality shows and endorsements. This article states plainly on the obvious fact that fame in today’s society can and clearly does not have to have anything to do with talent, or deserving of attention in the least. Kim is famous for being beautiful, young, and famous. She has a reality show that is not that interesting, aside from several scripted incidents, and a glimpse of what celebrities are privy to via their funds. I admit that it has been a guilty pleasure of mine to watch a couple episodes, but only because I do find it interesting to see what it is that I am not experiencing as a more normal member of society. Some people feel that the Kardashians are just business savvy, and that there is no reason to be upset with their ventures… I guess this has more to do with what your perspective may be. Business wise, the Kardashians are doing just fine, but concerning values and moral worth, the excessive exposure of dramatics and limelight does not fare well with anyone. The public gets what the public wants, and when the time comes for the Kardashians to step (gracefully) away from the spotlight, let us hope that they will do so quietly. We helped create this brand, and we can very well help to break it down.

  8. I feel like this as an accurate article concerning the “branding” of celebrities and also concerning the Kardashian family empire. The media definitely has a tremendous influence on people’s opinions… sometimes this is good and other times it is bad. Sadly, I feel like most of the time when it comes to celeb gossip and news, the media is mostly negative. The article says “Today, talent and accomplishments is no longer important to most Americans following celebrities; rather it is a matter of what outlandish actions a person is willing to take.” I feel like this statement is on point because the Kardashians live up to it. I don’t watch a lot of t.v. but when I do, I usually watch the news. It is disappointing to see that when I switch the channel to a news program, I see the Kim Kardashian’s divorce on every news channel. However, I don’t necessarily blame the media completely because they only provide and give the public what they want to see. At this point, the “Kardashian” lifestyle doesn’t phase me because I feel like the media has overwhelmed the public with their “brand” and image.

  9. I will be the first to admit that I can’t go through a Target checkout line and not look at the magazines with celebrity gossip on the front. The big bold words draw my attention, and I always want to look in the magazine to read the whole story. I will also admit that I love watching shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” I mostly like watching these shows because the “characters” are so different from me. I honestly don’t know how some “celebrities” get their own shows, and it really doesn’t matter what they do on or off the show, it only matters that they are getting some kind of publicity. I always hear people asking, “Why are the Kardashians famous?” For a long time, I was not able to answer that question until I saw another show about the Kardashian family that explained their “stardom.” I think it’s sad that more people are so informed about people like the Kardashians, and not so much with America’s economic crisis, etc. Our society has become obsessed with knowing about celebrities and watching reality TV. I don’t know when the obsession will be over, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.

  10. The article did a great job of analyzing a sad reality within our society. Instead of exploring the accomplishments or talents of an individual, as a society we look at the person’s behavior and personal life off the screen. The more interesting things the individual does, the more media attention they receive, and therefore the more popular they are among the public. It is somewhat of a vicious cycle, as the media plays a major role in determining the interests of the culture. This phenomen can be viewed in countless aspects of our lives. If you are watching the news you are virtually guaranteed to hear a story about some outrageous activity done by a celebrity. Celebrities are constantly in magazines and newspapers for the things that they do. The Kardashian family is an excellent example of the fact that talent is no longer necessary to become famous. The danger in this trend is that it is encouraging people to engage in outlandish behavior just so they can get media coverage. The trend also begs the question of what is it exactly that our society values.

  11. I completely agree with this recent talentless fame. I really enjoy how the group made it clear that there is a possibility that Kim’s marriage to Kris was probably a publicity stunt. Kloe, on the show, even mentioned that possibility on air. That Kris was just there for publicity. Any publicity is good publicity. I see this trend on getting people involved in others’ lives by exploiting useless celebrities that people actually question in the first place, “why are they famous?” yet viewers don’t care. I feel a lot of people are no longer into this praise of talent yet would rather see the lives of celebrities. People crave this sort of stalk mentality now and want to constantly be involved in realms they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I feel this is why the Kardashians are so popular. Because they expose celebrity life. And they still are goofy and weird and crazy like everyone else. They still can’t find love like everyone else and they have problems like everyone else. People seem to like being reminded that their lives aren’t that bad.

  12. I think this article does a good job of pointing out how ridiculous society has become due to our obsession with reality TV and craving to hear about new scandals that happen in the media today. The way that society reacts to these kinds of behaviors like Kim’s publicity recent stunt about filling for divorce, only reinforces this kind of behavior and rewards the person doing these outlandish things whether they like them or not. Today, I really don’t think there are limits to what people might do in order to gain publicity. Kim Kardasian is probably the best example of branding yourself. Even on the TV show Keeping up with the Kardasians, they frequently say “its part of the brand”. Although it is unclear how or why she has become so famous, her strategy of keeping people wanting more is working. She has risen to the top by sacrificing her morals, which have acquired her fame and fortune.

  13. The Kardashians have become a household name in America, through fashion, endorsements,their reality TV show, and who knows what else? Although I have never really ‘kept up’ with this family, but I admit that I do follow what the celebrity news is saying about them. I like that this blog post states that it is people like me, and thousands of others, who allow them to keep building their brand, and become celebrities from letting strangers view their intimate, as well as entertaining, family moments. As the article stated, the latest Kardashian exploit Kim’s wedding, a multimillion-dollar affair that celebrated a marriage which lasted only 72 days. As I was not extremely shocked at this news, it did make me really think about how much the American public feeds off of these reality TV shows, and why? Is it lavish lifestyle that they live, that most people only dream of? Or maybe that they can relate their family problems to those of the Kardashians. Or maybe, they just want to escape their own reality for 24 minutes. Whatever it is, this family is a self-proclaimed brand, and a trend that I hope gets outdated… soon.

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