The power of the media as we know it is fierce, strong and overwhelming to say the least.  We all have access to so much information through the use of the internet, television and social media; however, it always leaves us wanting more.  Even with all the important news and current events that should be prioritized via these forms of information, one of the most popular topics revolves around our societal obsession with celebrities.

Today, talent and accomplishments is no longer important to most Americans following celebrities; rather it is a matter of what outlandish actions a person is willing to take. Through personal branding, celebrities purposefully say and do things in order to increase their publicity.  Essentially, the more media attention they get, the more money they will make.  In recent years with social media and reality TV, certain celebs have exploited themselves in order to claim more fame. Recently, Kim Kardashian has proven to be a great example of someone who has manipulated the mass media leaving us asking: “What will she do next?”  Her recent announcement of her divorce from husband, Kris Humphries, after a seventy-two day marriage should come as a shock. However, due to her reputation and past behaviors…the news is less than a surprise.  A multi-million dollar wedding that was aired and viewed nationally made Kardashian a rumored $18 million dollars. Now with the divorce in progress, she is bound to make another fortune.  Although it could be that the marriage legitimately did not work out, it is much easier to assume that it was a business decision from the beginning. After all…any publicity is “good” publicity.

Kim Kardashian’s establishment of fame only confirms the fact that our society and media sources have the ability to brand people under certain labels based on the actions that we see on television and through gossip columns. Her recent story is a clear example of how mass media can mold any “character” on television into the kind of person they can most easily be made into. So regardless of whether the fame was deserved or not…it is us as a public that make keep these stories on the headlines and keeps the celebrities fighting for their chance at redefining and establishing their “genuine” image.

– Oliver Evans, Sally Shupe, Jared Sales