The Greatest Lecture Ever Sold

I remember the first time I watched “Super Size Me” and how impressed I was that someone would actually decide to eat McDonalds for 30 days. After watching the documentary, I was completely disgusted by the fast food industry but, Morgan brought an important issue about our society to attention and that is why I liked the film so much. “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” is a great film. I really enjoyed watching it and Morgan Spurlock definitely made the film enjoyable. I think it is so important to notice the brands in your every day life and in the movies/tv shows you watch.

Attending the Morgan Spurlock lecture was the icing on the cake after watching “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” because in person, he makes the film come to life. It was so interesting hearing all about the little things that went into making the “docbuster” as he likes to call it. From the very inspiration that went into creating it (an episode of Heroes with overtly blatant product placement) down to the fact that he had a “Faken” – fake version of his son Laken in the final cut of the bathtub scene.
I also really appreciated the time he took afterwards to make sure that everybody, and I mean everybody, had their questions answered. Even after Professor Fernando let him know that he would be going over his allotted time, he wasn’t at all worried about getting out of there. One student asked: “What motivates you to create movies?” Morgan answered: “If you can help, then you should. If you can change things, then you should.” He took the time out of his evening to stay with us and keep the conversation going. Overall, the lecture allowed me to take even more from the film, and to gain quite a bit of respect for Mr. Spurlock.
I think what Morgan said to the student describes who he is exactly. He just wants to make a change and also to make a difference by putting light on subjects that need to be discussed.

-Micaela Fouhy and Kacy Cox