Selling Yourself

When preparing for the aggressive, less-than-thriving job market, it is important to be confident in your abilities to “sell yourself”. The cover letter, resume, and interview process that stands between you and the job of your dreams can all be enhanced based on how you understand your unique skill set and experience. By feeling comfortable with what you have to offer a potential employer, you can have an unmatched advantage over the competition. In order to reach this level of comfort and self-confidence, it is critical to understand the “brand” that you are trying to “sell”.

Looking for a career can be intimidating at any time in life; however, it can be successful if you can apply the characteristics of marketing as it relates to promoting a brand image. By branding yourself as a diligent, experienced, positive worker throughout the employee recruitment process, the employer is likely to feel confident in the decision to hire you. However, if you are tardy to interviews, send unprofessional emails, and lack the ability to converse with the interviewer, it may be hard to stand out from the competition. By taking advantage of leadership opportunities, working well with others, and being serious about school work, it will be easy to create confidence for what you have to offer a company. The more experience you gain throughout life, and the more consistent you are with your habitual work habits, the more reliable your “brand” will seem to employers.

-Sally Shupe, Jared Sales, Oliver Evans