A World Without Jobs

When you think of the economy, you think jobs. When you think of the current status of the economy of the United States, you think “we have no jobs.” But, have you ever thought about a world without Jobs?

Just over a month ago, the CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, stepped down from his position as the head of one of the most powerful companies ever to exist. Amidst health issues, Jobs resigned from his job as possibly the most brilliant and innovative software developers and business man of all time. When this happened, Apple enthusiasts’ around the world stopped to ask themselves, “what will Apple be like with no Jobs?”

Just a little over a month ago, we considered Apple to be at a loss for losing Jobs, yet now the entire World is grieving over the passing of Steve Jobs. Yesterday, the 56 year-old mastermind behind the Macintosh Computer, the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad, passed away ending his battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

While we sit and listen to our iPod’s and play Angry Birds’ on our iPad’s and call our friends from our iPhone’s, we have a piece of Steve Jobs with us. While much of the nation remains unemployed and our economy’s fate is unknown, we can be at peace knowing we got to experience Jobs before he was gone.

— Jordan Hill, Michela Noreski, Ashley Nelson

14 thoughts on “A World Without Jobs

  1. I love the play on words in this story. “A world without Jobs” really is hard to imagine. Steve Jobs was an absolute genius. We need more people with his innovation, creativity and the pure “drive” and desire to do something great in this country. If more people had his passion, we would be on the way to a better state of being. I am typing this comment on one of his masterpieces, (because honestly, he was an artist). Even though most of us never knew him personally, he will truly be missed.

  2. I loved this article as well. Steve Jobs will be with us forever. The impact that he has left on the world rivals those of Presidents and even Civil Rights activist if you think about it. He has created products that have changed the way people think and act in america. Having a Iphone or Ipad or even a Apple product signifies some sort of wealth in the world. We will all truely miss Jobs and everything that he has accomplished and done.
    Donovan Smith

  3. I think this was a creative and well-written post. I just got back from New York where outside of the Apple store flowers and old apple products and actually apples were places all infront of the store for the death of Steve Jobs. I believe this country and economy needs more innovators and creators like Jobs. He lived every minute of his life to the fullest. I read about one day he was suppose to go business meeting, in stead he saw a pretty girl and decided to skip the meeting and take her out to dinner because if it was his last day on earth he would want to spend it with her not in a meeting. This may not be the best idea to skip meetings but in the end he was still very successful and lived a happy life.

  4. I think this was a brilliant way to connect Steve Jobs and our economic state with losing so many jobs. It’s hard to imagine what Apple will do next without the mastermind behind pretty much all of their success in the recent years. It’s also difficult to imagine a technological world without the innovation and creative mind of Steve Jobs. It was not until his recent passing that many people realized who he was and what he did for our technological society. He will definitely be missed by people not only in our society, but all over the world.

  5. Absolutely incredible article! Steve Jobs is a pioneer for technology and a absolute genius. Still to this day I believe he doesn’t get enough credit for what he did. Every last person I know has some type of Apple product. I know that I listen to my I pod every single day. Also, I am currently typing this on my girlfriend Shannon’s Macbook! I used a Dell laptop for my first 3 years of college and it stands no chance against the Macbook! Hopefully someone will be able to carry the torch that Steve Jobs left!

    -David Sorensen

  6. I really loved this blog. What a great header, a world without jobs. I wonder what apple will be like in the future without the master mind behind the company. Jobs created a technology empire. He moved our generation into a new technology era. Where will we go from here? Will there every be another Steve Jobs in the technology world in our generation? I ask myself these questions when reading articles and blogs like this.

  7. This hit home, being an apple user with my iPod, iMac and Macbook, it was sad to lose such a genius mind. It’s amazing to see what has been done because of a single man’s idea. He paved the way for revolutionizing laptops and computing in general. I’m curious as to what will happen in the future and who will be daring enough to fill the void that Steve Jobs left behind. He has provided us with the essential tools that will help us potentially one day become the next Jobs.

  8. This is a great article on a great man. Until I heard of his resignation, I knew very little about Jobs. However, every day I wake up and check facebook on my MAC, I go to the gym and work out with my iPod, and I was shocked to think I never knew how that got to me. It made me want to know who this man was, and how innovative he was to technology. I think that he laid the ground work for progress and his name and legacy will always be with us.

  9. I’ve seen many headlines similar to this one within the last week and it does spark a lot of questions in my mind. Steve Jobs was one of the biggest innovators of this economy. His creations over the years have always been one step ahead of the competitors. He’s managed to expand his business from a simple computer company to a brand seen on various products. His ability to create such compatibility with between all of his products is one advantage that competitors have yet to accomplish.

    I am the owner of a Macbook Pro and just recently bought the iphone 4. Since purchasing the iphone 4, I have been nothing but pleased with how compatible my phone and computer are. All I have to do is connect one to the other and it syncs all of my information for me. Therefore, I never have to insert the same information into both products like I did when I had a samsung phone. Any event that I add to my calendar or any applications I add on one of my Apple products, will automatically copy itself to the other product without me having to do anything. It’s so convenient and makes the overall apple experience as a customer feel great! When Steve Jobs resigned, my first thought was, “Apple will never be the same” and now that he’s passed I really do wonder about the future of apple and what it has to hold. I can only hope that his vision will be carried on in the years to come.

  10. This article was absolutely necessary to post for IMC Hawks. The story of Steve Jobs shows how branding is done at it’s best. It took his resignation and his death for each of us to truly sit back and note how much our Macbooks, Iphones, Ipods, etc. are used and how it took only one man’s intentions to make it all possible. The brand name of Apple (of Steve Jobs) stands for technology today, for how we communicate, and even for how our society has learned to adapt and function. I think it’s so easy to forget that products are made by people and that they at one point were only a vision in the mind. It goes to show how one person not only has the power to create so many different things that hold so much value in the lives of the population, but how one person can mold and shape how society functions today. I’m excited to see what will come from Apple, but I’m also excited to see how those with similar motivations (perhaps even from our community of UNCW) have the potential to do the same. Steve Jobs was a part of most of our lives without even having a personal relationship with us. He will be missed.

  11. I remember in elementary school, using Macs, and recall the first ‘face’ that Apple had embellished onto the computers; I’m not sure if you all can remember the blue faces(?) I have never been an avid Apple-Head, as many are lovingly called, but I have always been impressed by Steve Jobs and the empire that is left behind by him. Where I have never kept up with his progressions and even his creations, I have never gone a day without feeling the technological advances that he has bestowed upon our communities. After his death, I took it upon myself to read more about him; my friends have always had a hand in talking in my ear on how genius this man had been… The New York Times had an article that did somewhat of a justice for the man, and I felt nothing but more appreciation and heart for this man that loved what he did, more than his life probably. Even as he succumbed to his sickness, Jobs continued to be the face of his company until recently till his death. His past was interesting, and his future was inevitably amazing. A world without Jobs relates to our studying of IMC (brands); what is this world without the face of Apple? Where we associate Ipods and Macs with Steve Jobs, this brand has taken a life of its own and has become more than a brand in our world. There is a reason that the world mourns so heavily over this man, and this is where the separation lies between a regular brand and a brand that has affected our personal and professional lives.

  12. This blog is relevant, clever, and the play on words is done very well. I like how this blog is not really about our recession but at the end he sneaks “while much of the nation remains unemployed and our economy’s fate is unknown, we can be at peace knowing we got to experience Jobs before he was gone.” On another note, I think that many would agree that Steve Jobs was the technological pioneer and most innovative man of our times. Steve Jobs was the man behind the Apple “brand” and although he recently passed away, his inventions (as will the Apple brand) will carry on for a lifetime.

  13. Although it is very sad and difficult to accept the death of Steve Jobs, I think people should try not to dwell on the negative and focus on the large amount of positives that Jobs brought out of his life. Technology would not be at the level that it is today without Jobs’ and Apple’s commitment to being on the cutting edge of modern technology. As I write this, I notice I am looking down at my iPhone. This product has revolutionized cellular phones and essentially created a portable pocket-sized computer. We all owe great thanks to the work Jobs and the Apple employees have put into their products. I think we should follow their example and continue to creatively develop and invent new life-changing technology. I thought the title of this Blog was very creative as well.

  14. Very clever title! The opening paragraph really caught my attention; I loved the play on words. Steve Jobs was such a brilliant man who’s legacy will live on forever. He impacted the world in such a huge way, it is hard to believe his life was cut so short.

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