A World Without Jobs

When you think of the economy, you think jobs. When you think of the current status of the economy of the United States, you think “we have no jobs.” But, have you ever thought about a world without Jobs?

Just over a month ago, the CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, stepped down from his position as the head of one of the most powerful companies ever to exist. Amidst health issues, Jobs resigned from his job as possibly the most brilliant and innovative software developers and business man of all time. When this happened, Apple enthusiasts’ around the world stopped to ask themselves, “what will Apple be like with no Jobs?”

Just a little over a month ago, we considered Apple to be at a loss for losing Jobs, yet now the entire World is grieving over the passing of Steve Jobs. Yesterday, the 56 year-old mastermind behind the Macintosh Computer, the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad, passed away ending his battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

While we sit and listen to our iPod’s and play Angry Birds’ on our iPad’s and call our friends from our iPhone’s, we have a piece of Steve Jobs with us. While much of the nation remains unemployed and our economy’s fate is unknown, we can be at peace knowing we got to experience Jobs before he was gone.

— Jordan Hill, Michela Noreski, Ashley Nelson