When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going

Although the economy is looking brighter than it has been in recent years, the marketing world is still facing two major problems: people are still feeling the effects of lay offs and are not quite in the position to spend money frivolously and companies are also feeling the wrath of the economy and don’t have the money to spend on expensive and elaborate ad campaigns. So what are they doing in order to get their message out? An age old trick in the marketing books and what most of us in IMC like to call, guerrilla marketing.
It is more important than ever for companies to make their brand stand out and to develop loyal consumers who are actually able to come in contact with the brand. Guerrilla marketing provides both local and national companies that opportunity and gives them the chance to break though all the clutter and noise of traditional marketing.
We all are familiar with the game Clue, right? Well take a look at how they are using guerrilla marketing to remind all of us of a favorite childhood game.

And Clue isn’t the only one hopping on this train. Many companies and non-profit organizations are increasing their guerrilla marketing strategies in order to save money and gain direct contact with their consumers. What this innovative strategy and the downing economy have in common is that it’s forcing a lot of us to do something we haven’t done since elementary school: think outside of the box.

-Alaethea Hensley, Jessica Kingman, and Lauren Phelps