Ad it all up

The anticipation of the 2011 TV line up is almost complete as we
are wrapping up the first week of an intense premiere season. Coming soon we
will view the Nielson rating which will say which show came out on top with the
most viewers and what networks picked the best shows to debut. However, there is
more to just ratings from a show that make it popular, there are strategies
weaved into placing certain advertisement’s along with the viewers of those

When watching the recent Emmy award-dominating force, Modern
Family, on Wednesday
,  did you notice that actress Sofia Vergara, who plays the role
of gorgeous Gloria Pritchett, debuted her new clothing line at K-Mart for the “
You are Woman, So dress like a Woman line”? Maybe the nostalgic 60
second Pepsi commercial caught your attention while watching the hit show X
Factor on Fox which took the audience on a journey through the
past. The commercial starts off as a new performer about to enter
the stage but before he goes on he picks up a can of Pepsi, takes a swig, then
stares at the logo it then evokes emotion from the new performer and, it
sends him into a tumbling daydream full of Pepsi’s pop stars past commercials,
such as the late Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey to name a few,
then you are left to a blurred vision of this man about to enter the stage and
become his own start like those who drank Pepsi its first big brand spot touting
its connection to the program.

Is it a coincidence for both of these commercials to premiere
simultaneously with these shows? You would be silly to consider such a
thing. Thematically, the spot placement of each advertisement is
seamless. Pepsi really is wondering who will become the next, since they have
promised the winner of The X Factor a starring role in a Super Bowl commercial
this winter.  Sofia Vergara knew she had the “mom” and “working
women” audience during the Modern Family season premiere; ABC and Sofia knew
those mom’s and working women were those who helped nominate her for the 4
Emmy’s this year. It was a perfect fit for one of the highly anticipated comedy
shows to integrate Sofia’s personal achievements.

The Nielsen rating suggests that consumers are watching TV more
than ever before, which makes what they are watching an integral and essential
part of a marketing campaigning for brands. This is there one opportunity this
fall season to make impact on those targeted viewers to entice them to purchase
a can of Pepsi over Coke, or that leopard Mini skirt at K-Mart over the
over-priced department stores. These are ad placement strategies, brands and
networks have merged together to get more bang for your buck.

– Jordan Hill, Ashley Nelson, Michela Noreski

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