Wear your favorite shirt, and get paid for it too!

Do you have random t-shirts in your closet from equally random companies or events? Or, do you have a favorite t-shirt, such as one from Sanitary Restaurant in Morehead City, NC, that you wear as if it were your job? While wearing that favorite t-shirt, have you made the comment “I should get paid for this! ”

Across the United States, a group of 5 individuals run a company where you pay them to wear your company’s logo; they brand your brand. On their website, iwearyourshirt.com, this group of people post live-streaming videos, pictures, Youtube videos, and share it across the social networks and web. For the nominal fee of $1,550-$1,640 any company can expand their brand via this unique way of advertising. GoToMeeting, a recent client of the t-shirt team recognized this innovative branding opportunity as “a great way to bring humanity to your brand, with great charisma, humor and authenticity.” What could be better than to be successful and authentic?

One of the many companies that pay the iwearyourshirt.com team to act as a virtual billboard is the apparel company, Life is Crap. The iwearyourshirt team’s approach to driving followers to Lifeiscrap.com involved crazy, yet creative videos and live video chats with the audience where the potential customer for the brand can ask questions and talk to the t-shirt team.

“Don’t be fooled. These guys aren’t just sitting around gathering dust in your shirt. Your shirt will be worn with pride, given sunshine along with tender loving care. Your shirt will be happy. And so will you.”– Gowalla iPhone app

The iwearyourshirt team has proved that you don’t have to wear a tie to be successful. Their creative company has exploded into a force to be reckoned with.

– Michela Noreski, Ashley Nelson, Jordan Hill