Banded Nations

Red white and blue are colors, the colors of our nation’s flag and colors which Americans wear proudly. Those colors represent our bold and courageous citizens, freedom, challenges and triumphs we have endured together. Those three colors represent who we are in a nation and show us where we have been and where we are going. In these days ahead we will be taking a moment to remember the devastating events of 9-11, the day when all Americans stood up and embraced the red white and blue. The attack on the world trade center has taken an emotional toll to all citizens. It was a day that thousands lost a parent, sister, brother, child, spouse and friend; which will never be forgotten.

9-11 is a national day of mourning for a nation which has come so far over the past 10 years. Within those 10 years, 9-11 and the World Trade center has become another way which companies, individuals and media can actively publicize this tragic event by advertising this devastating event as a commodity and advertising campaign.

Americans buy into the 9-11 brands because it is presents remembrance of the tragic event and it brings hope for a better future. They also buy into the brand in hopes of bringing the country closer together by exhibiting a symbol of unity. The Salamone family is one of many who lost their husband and father on 9-11. The oldest son was a collector of “cause” bracelets as many people are. After the event he wanted to create a band for people to wear to help raise awareness for the families affected by the attacks. He designed the bracelets so that people could “remember those who died, honor all those who helped around the world, and hope that something like 9/11 never happens again.” All contributions are tax-deductible.

No one predicted the attacks of 9-11, but now no one will ever forget it.

– Michela Noreski, Ashley Nelson, Jordan Hill

11 thoughts on “Banded Nations

  1. I was in fifth grade when the September 11th attacks took place. I remember seeing my parents after school that night, and the look of shock and sadness on their faces. I didn’t quite understand it, and it was difficult to grasp the notion that someone would intentionally attack our country, our family, our friends and our neighbors.

    We learned about war, hatred and death from our history lessons, but it never crossed our minds that we would live through something so horrible that it would be in future history books.

    In the months, and years that have followed, our country stood as one. We truly were united. We put aside differences, and our prejudices to come together and stand for our freedom and to remember the lives lost.
    Morale and the thought of patriotism to the USA skyrocketed after that day. It seemed everyone proudly wore their red, white and blue.

    Although, it looks to have become another brand, or another way for companies to market items such as clothing and bracelets, underneath the “product” being sold, there truly is a deeper message.

    That in some way, whether or not we choose to buy these products, we will continue to honor those who have died, those who have helped and are willing to fight, and we will never forget.

    -Julianna Andrews

    • In my opinion you are right about that 9/11 has become a brand. Nevertheless, I feel that the real meaning, the real intention is faded. Companies are making money with a tragedy. It is ok to remember those people who lost their life, but do not make it to another commercialized day. 9/11 should not be a brand, even when companies try to tell you that. It is a date where thousands of people lost their life. Do not make it to fashion item, which is cool to be worn, because if you really care, you share it with your closest.

  2. I thought this article was interesting and very effective. I thought it was interesting because in PR1, IMC, and COM 400 we have talked about branding. We brand America with the colors red, white, & blue as well as through patriotism such as these bracelets. The Salamone’s are one of many families whom have helped increase patriotism in our country since 9-11. I think it is a great way to increase our countries brand as well as increase patriotism.

  3. I feel like there is too much emphasis on the branding of 9/11. While it is obviously a way to unite the nation in remembrance of tragedy, it has gotten to the point where the unification has become secondary to the economic benefit that the “merchandise” is making.

    Of course people will never forget the events of that day, but I just don’t feel like they need all this merch to express that.

  4. While it is unfortunate that 9/11 has somewhat become an object of branding within our nation, I do not completely agree with this belief. 9/11 has become a corner in our ever-changing shape of our nation, and has become a permanent part of our history. The aftermath of the situation cannot be foretold or molded, but can be guided onto a path that we hope will eventually lead to better days. However, this path has been shared with those with sincerity as well as with ulterior motives. That does not necessarily mean we have to go along with this ‘branding’ of such a horrific event. There is always a con to a pro, rain to go with the sunshine, and such…. It’s up to our individual beliefs and wants to choose to let these things define who we are, singularly and as a whole.

    – Sarah Choi

  5. I will never forget where I was on 9/11 and the way I found out about the tragic events that took place that morning. I was in 6th grade, and I found out when I got home from school and all the TV’s in my house were on. Every TV was on a different channel, but the coverage and stories on the channels were all the same. How could this happen to the United States of America? Many see our nation as the most powerful and we have embraced that brand for a hundred plus years. Americans now know that unity and standing up to our enemies as a whole can help make an impact. I think the bracelets were a great idea to spread patriotism as well as awareness for the tragedy that took place 10 years ago. Although people will never forget what happened, people may forget the immediate effects this act of terrorism had on our country, since it was 10 years ago.

  6. I like the direction that this entry take American brands. With all of the sources that coin American brands as cliche and trendy, it is refreshing to see a particular brand deemed patriotic and encouraging. This particular product most definitely encourages unity. Furthermore, the fact that the Salamone son was directly impacted so heavily by the4 9/11 tragedy makes the item and its purpose that much more genuine.

  7. I was sitting in my 6th grade classroom on 09/11/2001 and had no idea what we were looking at on the screen. I know my teacher gave us free time to talk and socialize within the classroom while the TV remained on. It was until arrived at my grandmothers that afternoon that I found out how catastrophic the events on the screen were. I remember she was holding her rosaries (Catholic prayer beads) close to her while she watched the TV. I finally asked her what was wrong and she told me that my cousin was working in the first tower, seven floors above where the plane hit. I did not know him well but seeing my family in pain was definitely hard to take.
    I enjoyed reading this post because of how it points out that our nation’s colors symbolize unity and after the attacks on 9/11 we were a nation that came together. The attacks definitely brought the country together as a whole and brought more pride to our nation. The bracelets that the son developed were a great idea and were among many made after 9/11. Using this type of marketing to support our country when we have fallen under attack is the best form of patriotism.

  8. You know 9-11 has become a brand when you stumble upon a “happy 9-11” status of a young teenager on facebook. However, I believe the idea of this day and this event as a brand is subjective. I vividly remember watching the news in my 5th grade class and wondering if my aunt, who worked on capital hill, was alive. I remember the terror in my mind over what was happening, though at the age of 11 I couldn’t fully comprehend the devastation. To me it will always have meaning, but to younger generations who have only heard of the tragedy of 9-11, it takes on a completely different meaning. It’s a day of respect, but why? However, I don’t think the world is “selling” 9-11 as much as constantly reiterating the need for patriotism and morale and support and remembrance. What these products bring about is knowledge for the younger generations, and reflection for those who experienced and/or remember that day.

  9. This is a good piece. I think its refresshing that branding is being used for GOOD! Its disgusting how some people could take somee tragedies and try and get rich by selling “remembrance” things when all the proceeds go straight to their own pockets. This is very nice to see and it does remind us all of the tragic events that took place on that day. Buying a silly bracelet to help the families of the lost is something anyone can afford and in my opinion, a great way to help us all never forget.

  10. Sophie Toogood

    The events which occurred 9/11 were devastating and I feel that it is a cheap tactic to make money off such tragic events but the idea of a band which creates unity is a great idea.

    The fact that the band wasn’t created to make money but to remember and cherish loved ones who were unfortunately lost in the tragic events.

    A similar thing is available in England called ‘Help for Heroes’ where a Navy, Blue and Red band is worn for members of the armed forces who were injured, lost or affected by wars and money earned will pay for physical help.

    These bands create awareness for related charities and can boost morale and market charities which may need support financially. So, these bands can create a customer unity and boost customer loyalty for the charity and thus have a positive effect financially.

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