Switching To Green Is Much Easier Than You Think

Happy Earth Day! I hope you all are out there doing your part to cut back on wastefulness and give back to the environment. However, we shouldn’t just return to our old ways of unneccasary consumerism tomorrow. We should make a collective effort to turn ourselves completely green. As Lynn Jurich explains in her article “The Rise of the Pocketbook Environmentalist”, that may be a lot easier than it onced seemed.

As you may have noticed in previous posts, a good amount of companies all across the board are switching to environmentally conscious ways of production and service. However, an interesting shift has taken place where buying the green products no longer costs an arm and a leg. Instead, Lynn Jurich explains that bargain purchases and green purchases have become one in the same. With the growing expanse of environmentally sound products, the competition has finally driven the price down to a level we can all handle. Companies are longer looking to market their ‘green’ products to the more affluent community, but instead expanding their reach to the entire public. Josh Dorfman, the author of “The Lazy Environmentalist” has actually invented an app that will allow you to scan any product and see the environmental impact it has. While the already green products would be obvious, Dorfman says this app will help you decided from the less discernible products like Dove and Ivory soap, perhaps. These improvements in technology and intelligence put the power in the hands of the consumer. Now the producers will have no choice but to jump on the green train and lower their impact. For companies, it’s either go green or get out of the way.

-Will Cosden, Micaela Fouhy, Brie Golden, Lindsey Baggett, Drew Mayer

3 thoughts on “Switching To Green Is Much Easier Than You Think

  1. I think it’s great that so much stuff was included about going green in this edition of the blog. While UNCW is much more eco-friendly than other campus’, there is still so much that we can do to improve. There are so many things, like recycling and turning out the lights when you leave a room, that are so simple but can make such a greater impact. I think that everyone should make the effort to improve our world– not just on Earth day, but every day.

  2. Earth Day presents such a great way for people to stop and think about the impact we all have on our surroundings. It wasn’t too many years ago that Earth Day almost seemed impractical or below the radar with regards to importance and costs of “green” items. Not only are technology and intelligence about the environment improving, but so are the conscious attitudes from consumers with regards to how THEY might be able to make a difference. For companies today to be competitive, it seems that they need to value sustainability and offer ways for every day products and resources to be kind to our earth.

  3. I think the new app is a great idea! Whenever I am shopping I always try to buy the most natural and organic products out there, but with all the new lingo on the wrappers I have no idea what I am reading. This new app seems like a pretty easy way to decide what to buy to not only help myself, but also make the world a better place and environment. I think everyone should use it.

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