The North Carolina Seafood Festival

The North Carolina Seafood Festival is Carteret County’s annual seafood celebration and the second largest festival in North Carolina.  On the waterfront of downtown Morehead City, a crowd of 200,000 plus people flock towards the smell of fresh, local seafood and the arts and crafts of various vendors every year.

The festival was founded in 1987 and is known to be Carteret County’s premier event each year.  The festival takes place the “First Weekend in October” every year.  The 3-day long celebration impacts the community’s economy by nearly 32 million dollars.  People from all over the state and the east coast come to sample North Carolina’s greatest, as well as tastiest natural resource – seafood!

The Seafood Festival has been around for almost 25 years now and a lot has changed in society as time has passed.  Therefore, the festival itself had to make some changes to keep up with the times.  Set up in a parking lot across from a Morehead City landmark, The Sanitary Restaurant, is a stage that hosts several bands and artists as they play their music for the festival attendees.  Next to the stage is a large digital screen.  Displayed on the screen are text and picture messages that people send to the provided phone number.  These texts consist of anything from who their favorite college sports team is to how much they loved the cajun shrimp pita pocket at the St. Egbert’s booth at the festival.  This allows the crowd to interact with the rest of the surrounding audience.  Although the Seafood Festival purpose may be to primarily provide shrimp, oysters, crab, gator bites, funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc., does not mean that it is not tuned in with the current technology outside from deep fryers and broilers.

3 thoughts on “The North Carolina Seafood Festival

  1. My dad’s side of the family are all from Beaufort, North Carolina, which is right over the bridge from Morehead City. In my 21 years, I have only missed one Seafood Festival. I have many koozies, t-shirts, a jacket, and numerous odds and ends of memorabilia from the annual event serving as a constant advertisement to all those who associate with me. Each year, new things are added, but the festival environment stays the same. Good food, great people, and good entertainment show every year.

  2. I absolutely love the North Carolina Seafood Festival. As far back as I can remember, i have attended every seafood festival. My mother is from Beaufort, North Carolina and my grandparents still live there. We visit Beaufort and Morehead regularly. I look forward to the festival every year. It’s almost like a family reunion for my mother’s side as they all attend the festival each year. While the festival is mainly about the awesome food served, there are many more aspects to it. I can’t wait for this year’s festival!
    Kaitlin Green

  3. Growing up in the north and going to the shore instantly makes me a seafood lover. As long as I can remeber my family and friend have gone crabbing and dug for oysters. The NC Seafood Festival is a great way for me to remember all of the good times that I had as a child and also get to eat some fantastic food. Aside from the personal satifcation that I get, I feel like it is a great place for familys to go and have some good clean fun and also for the economy of Morehead and the state itself. By bringing a couple hundred people to the area the economy booms. People can get jobs and everyone is happy. I think it is great that places lioke Morehead host events like this and feel like more cities around the state should have a type of frestival to show themselves off a little bit. For example the Azelea Festival is a great time in Wilmington. Downtown is as packed as the beach on the 4th of July and its just a great time. I would love to see more festivals like the NC Seafood Festival!

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