My spring break is cooler than your spring break!

So instead of spring break being a week or so off school to relax and catch up, for some its an opportunity to party as hard as possible… in the coolest place possible.  Each year we try to top last year’s adventure.  It seems that spring break has become a status competition and the winner goes on the most epic trip EVER!

College students aren’t the only ones to have caught on to this trend, though.  Travel agencies, hotels, the alcohol industry, cruise lines, etc plan for the months of March and April to bring in as many spring breakers as possible; cruises to the Bahamas, houses in Key West, Miami, Cancun, Vegas, Palm Beach, Panama City- you name it.  The point is to capitalize on the hopes and dreams of a wild week in a tropical location.  Much in the way Hallmark promotes Valentine’s Day, the travel industry pushes for cheap deals in hot places.  These divisions most often even come up with package deals to make this happen.  The alcohol divisions are really the ones who luck out.  They team up with the cruise lines.  They team up with the hotels.  The airlines partner with hotels- it’s all one big money making family.

All you need is anywhere from $500-$1000 and you get a wrist band that says you’ve paid and you’re ready to party!