The Most Glamorous Night on Television

The Academy Awards of 2011 were full of heartbreak, happiness, and the “F- word”.  The award ceremony is one of the most prestigious of the year. Oscars are passed out to actors and actresses, animators, directors, sound engineers, costume designers, and many other people from the film industry.

The “Oscar” brand is respected in the acting and movie world.  . The décor in the Kodak Theater is extravagant and shines with gold. The background of the stage is glimmering with gold and richness. You can tell that the award ceremony is important because of the giant gold Oscar statues perched at the edges of the stage. Not only are the statues and decorations gold, but the Oscar trophy is gold. Gold is a color of royalty. The people winning these awards are royalty to their competition. After winning an Oscar, the recipient is always known and introduced as “Academy Award Winner”. Anne Hathaway and James Franco even joke about his mother possibly having to call him “Academy Award Winner James Franco”. These winners are the best of the best.

The Academy voted on the winners of each category and there were twenty four awards received.  The Academy is professionals of the motion picture arts and sciences. There are 6,000 motion picture professionals that choose the winners of each category. Invitations are required to be on the academy. The Oscars is a black tie affair. People wear tuxedos and ball gowns. The brand of the Oscars is much more significant than the brand of something such as the MTV Movie Awards. This award ceremony is more casual than the Academy Awards. People dress nicely but the attire is less formal. Nominees have even worn sneakers with their suits.  The category winners are chosen by the movie viewers, by us.

Oscar is double branded as both The Oscars and The Academy Awards.  There are multiple theories as to where the title of the Oscar award came from, but we do know this: Oscar is gold. Oscar is prestige. Oscar is class.

-Allison Day, Jessica Berinson, Megan Canny, Melissa Gagliardi, Scott Burgess

17 thoughts on “The Most Glamorous Night on Television

  1. I watched bits and pieces of the Oscars this year (mainly the Red Carpet and the bigger awards). When watching the the stars arrive on the Red Carpet, they are always asked the major question of: “who are you wearing?” Their answer itself, is representing a brand; for example if they say “Prada,” the Prada brand is being endorsed and represented by a celebrity. Not only are the brands being endorsed, but they are also representing the luxury designers. I feel that everything is decked out in Gold and richness throughout the whole entire presentation (I mean who really changes their outfit about seven times in two hours). The presenters, winners, attendees, and the decorations themselves were all decorated in royalty and gold. But I think this brand should be represented by gold because only the high and respected people go to the Oscars, and even win one.

  2. The brand of the Oscar has been one that has been built upon and had respect guilt in it over time. A once small awards affair has now grown into this prestigious awards ceremony we know of today. It’s the same awards, same ceremony, it’s just that over time it has become this huge affair that not only people tune in to watch, but a goal the actors/actresses themselves set for themselves year after year. Once you’ve won an award, you’ve become identified with the “Oscar-winning Club” and now it’s just about how many can you get before you’re through. It takes your acting career to another level, not only with the types of movies you’ll get roles for, but for the fans of the the winner will gain more popularity.

    Bottome line? You can be Oscar-worthy as much as you want, but win one? you’re golden, just like Oscar himself and the brand he represents.


  3. I watched the Academy Awards for the first time yesterday beginning with the pre-show interviews. In the past I have not been one to care about keeping up with such things, but my courses this semester have made me extra aware of how unaware I am of whats going on around me. I have also started watching the news somewhat regularly and created a Twitter account to aid in my more active approach to learning about what is happening in our world. The double branding of the ceremony as The Oscars and as The Academy Awards confused me into previously thinking they were two separate award shows before I watched it for the first time yesterday. The prestige of this awards ceremony was apparent through everything from the formal dress of those in attendance to the sincerity of the thank you speeches from those who won. This, along with so much more, goes into ensuring that their brand image of prestige and excellence is portrayed through all aspects of the ceremony. Elegance radiates from everything involved such as those in attendance, Oscar himself, the stage, stairs, and the entrance. The prestige of The Academy Awards brand is also created through it being an invitation only event. Having control over who is in attendance to the event allows them to feel more secure that nothing would happen that would go against their brand image.

  4. The prestigious awards ceremony is not what it used to be. Last night the host, James Franco, was not even there, mentally. It almost seems like they are going through the motions to present and receive the awards. The only interesting things were the F-bomb dropped and Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin dressed alike. The brand has deteriorated, the award doesn’t mean the same to me as it used to. The best doesn’t always win and sometimes the best gets absolutely snubbed. I used to really like to watch the Oscars but now I am reduced to highlights because I know the brand doesn’t have the clout it once held. I think it all went down hill when Billy Bob Thornton won.

  5. It is amazing how “important” the Academy Awards have become. It seems that there are so many award shows around this time of the year which award the same movies and the same actors over and over again. The irony is that each award show seems to be more of a fashion show than one showcasing performers and entertainers. The red carpet is a universal symbol of fame, luxury, and Hollywood; yet it has turned into a runway for these celebrities to showcase designers. It all seems so superficial and completely takes away from the main purpose of the award shows: to honor the entertainers who have made an impact with their work. It is interesting though, as you pointed out, that the “Oscars” or “The Academy Awards” have become a brand that shouts “gold” “prestige” and “class”. But is this award show truly different from all the rest?

  6. Having watched the Oscar’s since I was a child, I have always loved the hype and excitement that emerges in the few days before the big night in Hollywood. Ever since I can remember the Oscars have been an event centered around beauty, glamour, and brands! As we continue to learn about the importance of branding and how prevelant its existence is within our culture, it is apparent that the Academy Awards is a “hotbed” for product branding. No actor or actress can make it down the red carpet without millions of reporters yelling out “Who are you wearing”? These actors give great PR for the designers they’re wearing and push their specific “brand” on the millions of veiwers watching this revered ceremony.

  7. I never watch the oscars because I usually find it very boring. But I never miss the preshow when they are doing all the interviewing so I can see what all the stars are wearing. I think it a lot of ways thats usually the most important part of the whole show. Not everone can win but everyone has to show up and look good. It’s not only promoting the designer when they are asked what they are wearing but also them as a person. If they aren’t in style or with the new trends than later on in the blogs and multiple television talk shows will critique everything about their look. There is so much hype on who’s on the best dressed and who’s the worst dressed that people tend to forget the purpose of why those stars were even there in the first place: To be acknowledged for their talented acting in movies that took a lot of effort and people to make happen. So no matter how many award they won that night it’s more improtant to see if they were “up to par” with their fashion choice of the night and thats what matters for their career.

  8. As an exchange student from Sweden I can tell you that the Oscars is as prestigious and popular to watch in Sweden as it is here, only difference is that we have to pull an all-nighter to view it live because off the time difference. And I to was watching it this year and I was as always blown away by the grandness of this ceremony. The fact that the Oscars has been marketed as a “royal” ceremony for years, with all decorations in gold and the elite of the film industry representing in it, has really made this event an outstanding opportunity for companies and designers to market themselves. As earlier mentioned the media asks the celebrities “who are you wearing?” imagine being a new and upcoming designer and getting the chance to make a dress for an actress, that ends up winning an Oscar. This could truly make you famous over night. The marketing value in this situation is priceless and is not for no reason that even the Swedes all the way overseas up in the north of Europe get together and pull an all-nighter to watch the spectacular ceremony that is the Academy Awards.

  9. For 83 years the Oscars has been a favorite past time of Americans everywhere. It is an event that thousands tune into because we simply can’t help our obsession with the rich and famous. Over the years the Oscar brand has been one that is associated with fame, fortune, respect for the art of filmmaking, talent, and of course fashion. But within the last 20 years, the brand has been associated with good will and nonprofit organizations. What is surprising is that these nonprofit organizations are associating themselves with the Oscars. Oscar Night America is a grassroots program that allows for charities to host fund raising parties. Local charities host the glamorous parties where donations are made to that charity in order to attend the event to watch the Oscars with people from the community. This is an extremely smart move on the Academy Awards part because they are now associated with nonprofit organizations that in this world to do some good. It makes the Oscars brand not only one of prestige, but one of good will and the want to do some good in this world.

  10. I watched some of the Academy Awards this year, mainly to check out what the stars were wearing. I am amazed at how people can make certain material things mean more than they actually do. When you win an oscar it is not the object itself, the gold statue that is so great, but the respect that comes with it. Just as with brands as we saw in Branded Nation.

  11. I watched the Academy Awards this year mainly to see what all the stars were wearing, and who would win. I don’t think it is the actual gold oscar that people envy and dream about winning, it is the respect that comes with it. This is prevalent with many things in life, as seen in Branded Nation.

  12. Up until this year I have never realized how much branding goes into the entire process of award shows. The designer of their gowns, the maker of the jewelry, the organization throwing the after parties and most importantly how much of a brand the ‘Oscar’ really is has a huge impact on the entire practice of these shows. I didn’t watch much of this year’s but I have realized that one of the main focuses is on the fashion and the brand that is producing it all. The pre-shows seem to be on every television station possible and the main question asked is ‘who are you wearing.’ They are asking for a person’s name but in reality we are all translating that into a brand of clothing that we recognize. I know that I couldn’t point out half of these designers’ faces in a group of people but I do recognize the name as a brand and how glamorous the clothing is. These celebrities are promoting their selves through wearing high-end gowns, promoting the designer, and promoting the award show and the after party which organization that will be mentioned with their photographs seen in magazines and on TV shows this week. I now recognize that these shows are all about branding and they are continuing to do a good job of just that.

  13. I have never thought of the Oscars or Academy awards being a brand. But it surely is. It is interesting to see what once a person has won an award they are then introduce as academy award winner…Once you have won one of those golden trophies a person is automatically a part of that brand,and represents that brand. Which like it said above a brand of honor, respect, and prestige.

  14. I think part of the prestige of the Academy Awards is their duration throughout the past century. This year was not just “The Academy Awards,” it was “The 83rd Annual Academy Awards.” For generations we have celebrated the accomplishments and achievements of the film industry on this momentous occasion. Because of this, the Academy Awards have become a cultural institution, much like “Super Bowl XLV” or the “122nd Annual Rose Parade.” This permanence lends credibility and esteem to the brand that is the Academy Awards.

  15. As a film student, watching the Academy Awards is a mix of inspiration and discouragement, all at once. It truly is the ultimate honor to be a recipient and have your work so recognized and appreciated. But in the same breath, the AA’s have become very political. If you notice, a good bit of the films nominated came out at the end of 2010 or later. They just want to keep up the hype in time for the awards, and a lot of other films fly under the radar. It is also a business of networking – you must know someone. Overall, this doesn’t take away from the prestige of the awards, but it makes me wonder if things will ever work out just like they should.

  16. Funny, I would have never thought of the Oscars show as being a brand…but I am now enlightened. I agree that Oscar is a brand, therefore the entire production of the show is part of that brand. It’s genius how the coordinators and higher-ups of the Oscars have created such a name and image for just an awards show. When one says Oscar, they either think the hot dog or the awards show, which is remarkable because unlike Oscar Meyer hotdogs there is no product for consumers to buy. The product of the awards show is the show itself, and for viewers to lavish in a ceremony that only the elite go to. The set, the lights, the colors, the dresses, the people–they’re all just throwing up gold, glitz, and glam for the viewers to witness and lust after. The night of the Academy Awards is a coveted moment on TV, the biggest night of the year for films, filmmakers, actors, and the like…and we have Oscar (and his crew) to thank.

  17. I had also never really considered the Oscars to be a brand, but I completely agree that they are. The prestige of the brand is radiated throughout the entire show, even when the stars are first arriving for the awards show and walking on the red carpet. Every star looks so elegant in their attire and they always wear high fashion recognizable brands that are known throughout the world. They look elegant and everything in the Kodak Theater portrays elegance. The gold, glitz, and the glam helps portray the Academy Awards ceremony in a very sophisticated light. To win an Oscar is a huge deal. Oscar nominees and Oscar winners are so sincere and so proud to receive their Oscar. The Academy Awards are advertised just as much as any other tradition in television, like other award ceremonies or the Super Bowl. It truly is a brand, one that radiates with elegance. Known as the Oscars and the Academy Awards, this double brand represents top notch prestige.

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