So you want to be a marketing communications coordinator?!?

Knowledge of integrated marketing communication can help you get many different types of jobs. As upper classmen, we are beginning to think about our futures and where our lives are headed after graduating. With many members of our class graduating in May we decided to look up entry level jobs in the IMC field that are in North Carolina. One of the options with integrated marketing communications interest and knowledge is a position as a marketing communications coordinator for Dixon Hughes. For someone thinking about entering this career field, you can expect to need a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, Marketing, or Business Administration.

Someone applying for this job can expect high earnings, substantial travel, and long hours which include evenings and weekends. The Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2010-2011 does not have a description for marketing communications coordinator. We assume that it is because this job and most integrated marketing communications jobs are fairly new and still expanding. It seems that people in these jobs do a range of positions including public relations, advertising, and marketing. We did find through some research though that someone in the field will help oversee hands on day to day execution of marketing plans, write and assist with circulation of press releases, policies, and marketing plans. They might have to develop websites and even act as a liaison with media and the organization’s communications department. With this specific position at Dixon Hughes, the applicant will have to assist with client pursuits by preparing presentations, pitch books and writing proposals as well as assist with logistics for conferences, tradeshows, seminars and other sponsored events.

According to a marketing communications coordinators can expect a yearly salary of anywhere from $32,383- 44,847. They also say that there is room for advancement and bonuses with a position in this field. says that the average salary for a marketing communications coordinator in Charlotte, which is where Dixon Hughes is located, is around $39,000.

Fortunately for us, UNCW offers many classes that help students learn the skills necessary for a career in this industry. Some of these for example are, of course, intro and advanced Integrated Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Strategic Writing.  After researching careers in the IMC field we feel more prepared for graduation and what’s to come. We can also help those underclassmen who need help finding their niche in the communication studies world.

2 thoughts on “So you want to be a marketing communications coordinator?!?

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  2. Hope that you make that much money in entry-level! In my experience, a salary calculator overestimates, but that could be due to the economy. Great post – keep up the good work!

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