Not So Fast Apple

Believe it or not, Google is nipping at the heels of Apple in smart phones and tablets. While in some circles Apple has won the popularity contest with Blackberry they have had some serious competition from Google’s Android network. According to 2,200 application developers were polled by Appcelerator and IDC. The polling revealed that 87 percent of responders were very interested in writing apps for smart phones compared to 92 percent for the iPhone. The iPhone is still king in the market place we are starting to find that application developers are eager to work with the Android network. There is still growth for the Android in the tablet market.

The Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb was introduced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show and is going to make a splash in March 2011. Respondents from the Appcelerator-IDC say they are very interested in developing for the Android tablets. They claimed that price was the most important factor, and most want to develop for the Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As you can see the Honeycomb’s popularity keeps growing daily before its release. The most impressive part about the Honeycomb is the tab browsing which you can sync with your Google Crome Bookmarks. The selling point for the New Android tablet is multi-tasking.

It seems that 2011 is ushering in new competition for Apple. Google is growing by the minute and while I love the versatility of my Blackberry the Android phones seem to have a lot of potential. Apple is on top of the market, for now, but this could be a big year for Android. The brand competition between Apple and Android is something we will be focusing on all semester, and as Google continues to grow I expect Apple will adapt to its market.

6 thoughts on “Not So Fast Apple

  1. Wow this was really interesting and informative. As someone looking to get a new phone in the near future, I was planning on getting a iphone, but maybe not so much anymore. I had heard good things from people of have androids but I wasn’t sure if they were just trying to make it sound better becuase that was the phone they had. To see that such a high percentage of professionals want to right apps for the androids and all the hype that is surrounding the Honeycomb….. I might just have to think a little longer and harder about which phone to get.

  2. These days it is all about the smart phones. I, unfortunately, still have my old phone (not even a touch screen) but am looking to get an Android as soon as I can. I think that one of the reasons that Droids are making such a splash is that they are available through more carriers. Although Verizon now has the iPhone available to its customers, for a long time only AT&T customers could purchase an iPhone. This provided Google the opportunity to reach out to the other phone companies and give their customers the chance to have an equally as “cool” phone. Although, iPhone probably still wins the “cool” contest, Droids are definitely a VERY close second.

  3. Apple really has been the king of new phones/computers and new technologies over the years. They have truly raised the bar when it comes to innovation in a world based around technology. But as some believe Google will eventually take over the world and be the ruler of all things technological. So it is no surprise that now Google has made their move and giving Apple a run for their money. With this new found competition between Google and Apple I m sure we will see extraordinary and even mind blowing things being created by these two companies in the future.

  4. Apple does seem to have it’s hands full dealing with all this competition. This makes me happy because the more competition google gives apple the lower the prices and greater the innovations will have to be to compete for my money.

    I look forward to buying whichever offers the best deal on the best product in the future. I’ve loved what apple has done so far in inovative technology, and am hoping to see Google raise it’s standards to compete.

  5. I think apple anything is going to be the best. Every product out there trys to compare to apple…therefore apple is the best. You see ever android commercial saying how good they are compared to the iphone, but why can’t they just be good on their own.

  6. I personally am so happy that Google has come out with an android version of the iPad. In my experience, My Google droid phone has performed amazingly, has been fast, and has not undergone any problems in the last year of having it-which is much unlike all the problems I hear that people experience with Apple products. I currently do not have a use for this product but as technology advances, I believe that one day all of our textbooks will be on one of these pads, and when that day comes, I will happily choose a Google Android pad over the iPad.

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