Are Apps Changing the Way We Do Business?

Technology giant Apple is once again in the news this week.  No, they haven’t come out with a new iPhone and the new generation of iPads are not yet available; the company has sold their 10 Billionth App.  Yes, you read that correctly BILLION!  On Saturday Gail Davis, of Orpington, Kent, UK, downloaded Paper Glider (a free App) making history for Apple and also making her the winner of a $10,000 iTunes gift Card.

Apple’s Apps, short for applications, can be downloaded from the App Store on iTunes onto iPhones, iPads, the iPod touch, and now even your computer.  Ranging from free to $999.99, these popular downloads can help you with everything from finding a place to eat, translating words into another language, making dinner reservations, entertaining your child, studying for the California Bar exam (in case you were wondering what the most expensive App does) and anything else you can possibly imagine.

The popularity of Apps has many retailers and other businesses taking notice and developing Apps of their own.  Apps have become yet another tool for them to reach target audiences and perhaps gain new ones.  Everybody from car insurance companies to retailers to airlines have developed Apps hoping to target new audiences and keeping the attention of existing customers. This trend has even spawned a new way of doing business, m-commerce.  Similar to e-commerce, or shopping online, m-commerce is shopping on your mobile device.

This new form of business, ushered in by Apple’s introduction of the App, is changing the way companies market themselves.  In the age of Apple’s i-products, the standard practices of print and media ads aren’t going to cut it.  Companies must adapt and incorporate practices such developing Apps if they want to continue to remain relevant and build their customer bases.

-Eliza Wadson

12 thoughts on “Are Apps Changing the Way We Do Business?

  1. Apps really have truly revolutionized the way consumers interact with their favorite brands. I know I personally prefer to use my Kayak app over going to their actual Web site.

  2. I agree that Apps are the newest way for businesses to remain competitive and consumer-friendly. The applications that are available for downloading information (such as the ones that you listed) make consumers wonder how they ever lived without them! Since each App is so accessible to the consumers, it has proven to be a great way to market a business to many different audiences. With the popularity of these applications continuing to grow, it would be smart for businesses to be a part of the trend so that they can be appealing and convenient to the customers they currently have, while also catering to new audiences. Using this method of marketing creates a business that brands itself as being a part of the tech-savvy trends, while also appealing to the convenience of being just one touch away.

  3. I have to say I am pretty impressed with the apps they are coming out with these days. Some of them seem ridiculous and some of them also seem essential for everyday use. If a business wants to grow, or continue to grow they are going to need to acquire the use of apps and somewhat depend on them. Consumers are beginning to be more demanding than ever. I agree completely agree with you when you state that companies must adapt and incorporate developing apps to survive in our technological savvy world.

  4. iPod and iPhone Applications are the new and improved way of both marketing and advertising. I think it is genius for companies to create an app and make it well known so their brand is constantly being seen in someones iphone or ipod everytime they take it out of their pocket. I love that i can use my Westpac Banking application anytime, anywhere to do my banking. When i needed to get an overseas credit card for coming to the United States, i ultimately chose westpac international banking because i can easily transfer money from my accounts by the touch of a button on my iPod touch.

  5. I rely pretty heavily on the apps I have on my ipod. They’re specifically catered to anything and everything that I could need on any given day, ranging anywhere from checking the stats of the latest Colts game to booking a dinner reservation. The 10 year old that I babysit has an ipod and is constantly carousing the app store for the latest games and features. Apple has tapped into unchartered territory with the idea of apps– what’s more, they’ve provided a huge assortment that relate to people of all ages.

  6. I must say I was pretty shocked by the fact that there now are 10 billion apps! As a broke student that yet has not felt I can afford to get an Iphone I must admit I still have not used an app. But I do agree with the discussion that this is truly genius, it feels like the pressure on company’s today to be totally available for their customers is getting more and more intense. We want everything at our feet whenever and wherever and for a company to be able to work through a phone by an app delivers just that. I’m really curios for what the future has to hold if we keep developing our technology at this rate and the customers get more and more demanding. Will it all end up with us having a little computer chip implanted in our brain that allows us information whenever we want it without even having to use any items like an Iphone?

  7. Applications have definately became a huge part of the world today. I agree that it is a very good idea for companies to use applications. Now days everyone and everything is becoming so technology savy. I can still remember when I first found out about Myspace! The technology world sure has come a long way since then. I use apps on my blackberry everyday. I would much rather use an appliation on my phone than to go into a store or go turn on my laptop. Applications makes everything so much easier.

  8. Ever since I have gotten my iPhone, there have not been many days during which I have not used an app. They’re entertaining and efficient for many everyday tasks. There is such a wide variety of apps available – some just made for entertainment, like the games, some made to do business, like the hand scanners or PDF readers, and other handy apps, like UrbanSpoon or CardStar. Now that I have starting relying on these apps, I don’t know what I would do without them, and the ability to have all of these different apps located in my pocket makes it so much more convenient and practical – it definitely has changed the way things are done.

  9. I feel that the use of Apps are a smart way to market. I use a few Apps on my I-pod, and some amaze me entirely. They allow the consumer to customize it their own way, which is what people look for now a day. And the fact that they are so easily accessible where ever you are makes it even better.

  10. I think apps are amazing! I myself do not have and electronic that allows me to use an app, some of my friends and my boyfriend does. And I find myself using at least one everytime he lets me play with his iphone. I think that people use the app rather than the actual website the majority of the time.

  11. First and foremost, Angry Birds is absolutely ingenious! I feel like an idiot almost every day when I get so emotional and invested into whether or not I can get 3 gold stars before advancing to the next level. It is everything that the youth of today desire. Simple. Cheap. Addicting. Awesome.

    Now Apps and the business world is a pretty interesting topic as well. I agree with all of the previous comments in that successful companies are now realizing the potential of reaching their target market via SmartPhone and iPod Apps. Everyone uses them so why not use that channel to reach your demographic? I reserve my Redbox movies via an App. I search for things I’ve lost in the dark with an App flashlight. I look up words I don’t know with a App. I measure the distance to the pin when I play golf with a GPS enabled App. I even just purchased an App that will now allow me to accept credit card payments from anyone I like. No more free rides because you don’t have any cash on you people – you’re going to have to chip in for gas now…swipe your card!!

    Businesses realize we’re all supporting these numerous Apps so they’re just jumping on the bandwagon and doing something to support themselves!

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