Is Apple taking over the world?

As you might have read over the past few weeks, there has been a media frenzy regarding Verizon Wireless receiving the iPhone 4. This has further added fuel to the cutthroat marketing campaigns of both AT&T and Verizon. With this in mind, the real question is how this will affect the marketing and brand image of the iPhone.

By utilizing two wireless networks, the constant battle for customers by Verizon and AT&T may actually have a negative image on the Apple brand.  Apple, known for its superior technologies, has an overall positive brand image.  With both companies airing commercials attacking one another, how can Apple maintain their image? This is the most controversial issue that Apple has had to take on to date.

Below is the most recent commercial for the iPhone 4 released by Apple.

In the commercial, Apple is remaining neutral with AT&T and Verizon. This is keeping both companies on an even playing field, while not portraying one as better than the other.  This may change once Verizon’s iPhone is released in stores and a new slew of Verizon and AT&T ads hit the airways.  Will Apple continue to remain neutral or eventually choose a side? The future is uncertain, but on January 19,, 2011, Apple became the largest mobile phone vendor in the world by revenue. If this upward trend continues, they will continue to dominate the market share, regardless of which company carries the iPhone.

-Allison Day, Jessica Berinson, Megan Canny, Melissa Gagliardi, Scott Burgess

8 thoughts on “Is Apple taking over the world?

  1. I found this to be a very interesting article and agree that it is only a matter of time before the apple brand is represented in a negative light due to its now competing carrier companies. In the cut throat advertising world we live in today, negative advertising between competeing organizations is inevitable. Soon we will be seeing AT & T advertising Verizon versions of the Apple I Phone as problamatic, inconsistent, and a hassle to the everyday customer and vice-versa from the Verizon coorporation. It will be interesting to see if these ads will get lost among the vast advertising “noise” or if consumers will actually react to this new image of the Iphone.

  2. I had never thought of Apple as a monopoly… until now. While a brilliant move for the marketing department over at Apple, I have to wonder if customers will begin to feel gipped once the iPhone 4 is released. I recognize that they believe it will be equal in quality (and I don’t presume to be a phone/technology expert) but isn’t it likely that with two different companies/programs one will eventually come out on top? As history has shown with iTunes/creative zen (hah! remember that iPod spinoff? I bet you don’t) and now with the Kindle/Nook one brand almost always overtakes another very similar one. It will be interesting to see if Verizon or AT & T is the winner in this corporate lotto.

  3. First thing that came to mind before reading the article but reading the title was how Apple was turning into a monopoly. There isn’t a single commercial break where I don’t see an advertisement for them; whether it be the iPad, iPod collection, MacBook, etc. Now they are in the talks to create a television, and by doing that, I can’t think of a single technological aspect that Apple hasn’t come up a product in. I know people are die-hard Apple fans, but I am not. I find their products to be very confusing at sometimes and not really user-friendly. Almost always, their new and “awesome” products contain glitches or problems thus causing consumers to get upset (example: the new Iphone). I think it will only be a short amount of time before companies start dying off purely because of Apple. Although they are expensive, I do admit they have awesome ads which in turn convince viewers to purchase their products…but not me. I am not convinced at all and I will remain loyal to PC and not give into the “fad” of society.

  4. Along with the other responses, I also see Apple as somewhat of a monopoly. In today’s society apple has become the “stylish” new technology, and I feel as though everytime people begin to buy Apple’s most recently advertised product, the newer version comes out. I do have an Ipod, but I am not a big Apple buyer. So many people I know have iphones today it seems to be getting out of control, and to me it seems as though everytime the newer version is introduced I have trouble deciphering the difference between the new and “older” versions. I have had one ipod in my life which has lasted me four or five years, and to be blunt I don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to updating software. I consider myself technologically challenged which could contribute to my lack of interest when it comes to this company, but to me my Sony Vaio laptop that has been passed down in my family and my $9.99 Verizon LG cell phone with calling and texting capabilities seem to be doing just fine for me. Thanks but no thanks Apple.

  5. As a proud user of the Apple products, I am more than pleased with the decision to sell the iPhone 4 through Verizon Wireless. It seems as though there are many Verizon customers who are absolutely ecstatic with this decision; however, one must take into consideration what this entails. Seeing that Apple has already produced a commercial with both phone companies, one can only imagine the kind of advertising that will take place when the actual phone hits the market in early February. I think it was a good decision on Apple’s part, from the standpoint that there are devoted Verizon customers who love Apple products, but refuse to switch over to AT&T simply because of service issues. Looking at the larger picture, I do think Apple is a very reliable and innovative product. Their goal is to ultimately attract loyal customers and ensure satisfaction; isn’t that the goal of most companies? I think so.

  6. Being a loyal consumer of Apple products, I am one of the many eagerly awaiting Verizon’s release of the iPhone 4. I am content with Verizon being my wireless provider and the marriage of their service with Apple’s product greatly satisfies my expectations as a customer. I commend Apple for being neutral in advertising for their product because they are promoting the device not the service that essentially runs the device. Although their products may come across as a “fad,” a fad’s longevity will eventually seize if they do not live up to their promises; however Apple has done the opposite. With an ever-increasing population of Apple-users they continue to develop user-friendly products with customer service to match.

  7. This was an interesting post and something I have encountered a lot lately. I think Apple is a monopoly. It is eventually and almost already is taking over every aspect of technology in today’s society. If someone chooses another brand of music player or phone, the makers probably compared their product to an Apple product and added some features that seemed popular among Apple users. So I do in a way think that Apple is taking over the world. I recently traded in my Dell for a MacBook Pro and it is amazing. I don’t know how I lived without it and that is what I hear from most people who make the switch. I switched even knowing that my mom knows everything about Windows and how to fix any problem I would ever have with my Dell. She knows nothing abut Apple products. I am glad that Apple makes such solid products because since they are becoming widely used and popular, people won’t constantly be let down. They aren’t for everyone, don’t get me wrong but I haven’t had issues with any of my products from Apple. As far as phone companies go, I had Altell and then they merged with Verizon Wireless. I feel that with the introduction of the iPhone to Verizon, Verizon may become the monopoly of service providers. It is going to come down to how the other phone companies are going to draw in their customers now that they don’t have the iPhone as a crutch. I know a lot of people who wanted the iPhone so bad that they went where had it, which usually meant worse service. On the flip side Verizon has a lot of faults such as phone insurance, customer service, and service plans. I guess it will be interesting to see what happens after the iPhone is out for Verizon customers.

  8. As a proud Apple user, I couldn’t be happier that the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon. I have been waiting impatiently to add it to my collection of Apple products, including my Macbook and iPod. However, I fully agree that Apple is taking over. It is a symbol of prosperity. If you have an Apple product, people automatically recognize and acknowledge it. Think of Apple as the popular kids in high school. The rich ones, with nice cars and expensive gifts from their parents. Now, think of Microsoft as everyone else. The kids with jobs, who work for what they have. It’s not a bad situation, but not the best. Perfect way to demonstrate Mac versus Microsoft. Everyone wants to be Apple, so to speak. Which makes them remarkably popular, thus putting the once visionary Microsoft out of the picture.

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