What Will We Get From IMC?

Many of us in the class (myself included) have recently taken the Introduction to IMC course, so we are aware of the basics. However, now that we are delving deeper into the subject to obtain a complete grasp, we can ask ourselves what we wish to ascertain from this course.

When I looked at the outline for the semester, I saw how this class was not like any I’ve taken before. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a class! There are no tests or quizzes, but rather group projects, client presentations, and a collective class objective of aiding in the preparation of the IMC Conference which Dr. Persuit is spearheading this summer. We aren’t playing the role of the students, but rather hired agents in the IMC field.

The skills that will be learned from this class will definitely prove helpful once we’re thrown into the piranha-pit that is the current job market. Dr. Persuit isn’t holding our hands through this course, but instead is making us collaborate on our own accord to complete the assigned tasks. This blog your reading right now is a perfect example. We were not given any specifics, just the basic guidelines and the repercussions if they weren’t followed. The class was able to set aside small groups to begin working diligently to meet deadlines. Only three classes in, and we’re already gaining the knowledge of how to come together and work towards one common goal, much like the principles IMC. Being put in this position to work on real presentations with real clients will give us the type of experience that’s needed in almost any workplace. Not only will we be well-versed in IMC by semesters end, but also we will feel comfortable taking charge and making ourselves necessary aspects of a company.

-Will Cosden

2 thoughts on “What Will We Get From IMC?

  1. Will, I agree with you about the rewards of taking this class because it is going to help us when we are entered into the work force. We all need to work together in small groups to make sure we complete each task we are assigned at the right deadlines. I have been talking about this class to friends, family members, etc about how different this course is than my others have been and the knowledge I will have gained by taking this class my last semester of school. We are all about to enter the real world and this class is going to prepare us to do so.

  2. Last semester I took a course with Dr. Comeaux called Communication Training and Development. When I was first given all the information on what we would be doing in the class I was overwhelmed because it was also set-up differently from any other course that I had previously taken. We were not students, but associates responsible for finding an organization to work with, conducting a seminar specified to their needs, and exemplifying our skills in communication training. As I have progressed from the introductory classes of our major into the higher level courses, the transition from theory to application in apparent. The practice and experience we’re gaining in our courses now will help us to feel confident in ourselves as we begin the searches and interviews of our future careers.

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