Looking Forward to Advanced IMC

It’s that time of year again!

It is officially 2011 and spring semester classes across the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s campus have begun. Last semester we caught a glimpse of Dr. Persuit’s Corporate Communication class and what they had to say. This semester, the blog is back up and running with the class that originated it all, Advanced Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), but with new students and new insights.

For all of our new subscribers and readers, you may ask, what exactly is Integrated Marketing Communication? Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) recognizes the importance of strategic planning to reach all businesses, customers, employees, as well as communities. Public relations and advertising are critical categories of IMC, along with promotions, event planning and marketing communications. IMC, so to speak, integrates all of these promotional tools and resources so that they can work hand-in-hand with one another.

In this class, the projects and teamwork we will encounter will make us more knowledgable in the specified field and expand our resume and skill set.  This semester, we will be discussing topics anywhere from the Superbowl to careers in IMC.  We look forward to your comments and appreciate the feedback! ENJOY!

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