A Big Thanks to Dr. Persuit

As a class, we would like to say thank you to Dr. Persuit, our amazing professor for Corporate Communication. In two major service learning projects, she has taught us the importance of a strong corporate identity. Each of us believes that the knowledge learned in Corporate Comm. will benefit us after graduation. Here are our personal thoughts:

I have had Dr. Persuit for several classes. Corporate Communication, like all of her classes, has secured my feelings about the field of Communication Studies. I have found what I wish to do after graduation due to the knowledge learned in Dr. Persuit’s class.

Lacey Inman

Dr. Persuit finds a way to make each of her classes interesting and unique.  She expects a lot from her students because she believes that we are capable of achieving greatness.  I appreciate all of the skills I learned in Corporate Communication as well as the other three classes I took with Dr. Persuit over the past few years.

-Sarah McIntosh

I absolutely love Dr.Persuit. Corporate Communication is my 4th class with her during my time at UNCW and if I could fit it into my schedule before graduation I would be taking even more with her! She has such a passion for life and a dedication to her students. She is such a great example of a working mom who has it all going on! Thank you for everything Dr.Persuit, my future career will always put what you taught me to good use.

Emily Hunter

I extremely enjoy taking classes with Dr. Persuit!  I have had several classes with her here at UNCW and I’m looking forward to her Advanced IMC class next semester as my last class with her before I graduate.  I have learned many things from Dr. Persuit that will help me in my chosen career field in the future.  She really gets us involved and strives us to think about how we would handle all aspects of communication after graduation.  Thank you for all that you do and have done Dr. Persuit!

-Danielle Dorantich

I have had the unique opportunity to work with Dr. Persuit outside of the classroom. As one of Phi Mu’s advisers, we have spent a lot of time together working on ways to better our organization. I am so glad that I have not only gotten the opportunity to work with Dr. Persuit with my sorority, but to also have her as a professor. It is nice to actually learn things in class that will come in handy in the real world. This corporate communication class has further validated my belief that I want to work in this career field. Thank you for everything Dr. Persuit!

Fran Greene

Throughout my few years UNCW I have been blessed with amazing professors and Dr. Persuit is one of the very best.  She has shown me how to apply the concepts of our discipline and now Corporate Communication into the real world that we all will enter into after graduation. Her positive attitude to the hardest tasks makes me want to strive to do even better.  I hope to take at least one class with her next semester before I graduate. Thank you for everything Dr. Persuit you have been an inspiring professor!  You will be one of the professors in which I will never forget and want to thank for being so inspiring throughout this semester and the semester to come.

Kelly Wiley

Dr. Persuit is an amazing professor, from helping me immensely work through my DIS and now  class in Corporate comm, I have learned that she is a professor that every student in the communication studies department needs to have at some point. Her positive outlook on everything is inspiring to all of her students. She makes it a point to make sure that the students are learning and succeeding. Her guidance through my undergraduate career has help guide me onto the correct path into my future. I appreciate all the time and effort she has put into our class and her time with me. Thank you Dr. P for everything, you are an amazing professor!

Arielle Williams

I graduate in two weeks and I must say that this has been the most difficult, yet fulfilling semester I’ve ever had. I feel that I’ve learned more applicable information in this one semester than I’ve learned in the past four years of my college career. I also believe that Dr. Persuit is the reason for this learning and growth. She is a constant inspiration and gives me hope in my future endeavors, as well as in the Communication Studies program at UNCW.  She believes in her students and pushes them to be great. I’m disheartened to say that this is the only semester I’ve had, or ever will have, with her as a professor, but I hope that her knowledge and wit stays with me as I commence on this journey called life. Thank you, Dr. Persuit, for your dedication to students and learning. You have helped make my last semester one to remember.

-Breanna Alexander

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Persuit as a professor for 5 courses now. I continue to choose courses that she offers because she genuinely cares about her student’s education. Not only is she incredibly intelligent in her field of study, but she is also very in tune with current events and modern uses of social media and networking sites. She has taught us the importance of creating a well rounded online presence to become more competitive in the workforce and to learn from others. Dr. Persuit is constantly encouraging us to apply the concepts we learn to real world scenarios so we can see the relevance of communication studies in our everyday lives. UNCW is very lucky to have Dr. Persuit as a faculty member and we are all fortunate to have had her as a professor. I know that she will continue to enlighten many more Seahawks for years to come.

– Gracie Anderson

So many students take courses with Dr. Persuit semester after semester due to her unique outlook and engaging teaching style. Lessons are always relevant and she makes a point to get to know every student on a personal level. I feel very lucky that Dr. Persuit has taught numerous classes that are of interest to me. All knowledge and insight I have gained from being a part of her classes has already proven useful and I can only imagine how much I will be reminded of these courses when I am in the workforce. I cannot thank you enough for these past few semesters, Dr. Persuit!

-Haley Williams

Corporate Communication was an interesting and insightful class. The content of Good-to-Great was very surprising to me. Dr. Persuit showed excitement and enthusiasm when teaching. I feel the knowledge and groupwork experiences I had will be very beneficial. I enjoyed this course very much and the information I gathered should be very useful in career aspirations for me.

-Sean O’Connell

2 thoughts on “A Big Thanks to Dr. Persuit

  1. I didn’t realize that you all wrote this until one of the former IMC-Hawks emailed me to tell me what nice things you said. I’m blushing 🙂 but I’m also thrilled that you have taken this project, course, and subject to heart. My teaching only succeeds when you bring your passion to the class as well. I’m looking forward to your final presentation! Dr. P.

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