Corporate Communication: An Overview

Coming into this semester I had no idea what to expect from this class.  I figured that we would just discuss companies and how they communicate, but it has been so much more than that.  The book,  Good to Great, expanded on what actions a company should take if they want to be successful and move past just being good.  It also provided me with a great depth of knowledge to help me become successful when I graduate college and start my career.  The amount of communication that companies must constantly maintain is impressive and how well they accomplish these tasks ultimately determines how successful they will become.

This course has been a great learning experience, helping me realize that having a major in Communication Studies can really get you a job in just about any field.  Communication is involved in every company, whether they realize it or not.  Corporate Communication is one subject that is overlooked and the importance of it is often bypassed by many people.  Throughout this class we have discussed many companies, programs, TV Shows, movies, etc. that practice corporate communication on a daily basis.   Each class session has enhanced our knowledge and opened our minds to a wide variety of communication techniques that we can all apply in future careers.  Discussing the topics of crisis management, corporate image, reputation, stakeholders, and by focusing in on actual companies has helped my classmates and I see all of the aspects of communication used in such an essential way.

I hope that everyone learned as much as I did throughout this semester and will be able to look back upon this information when they are in their future careers.

-Megan Regele