Corporate Communication: Then and Now

Corporate Communication began in the early 1900’s during the time the United States was mass producing and consuming products.  Today, we have a market that is based more on supply and demand, not solely in bulk amounts.  Communication practitioners have had to alter the way their discipline is managed.  As far back as the start of the 1900’s, practitioners in the field of public relations, marketing and publicists were employed by corporations.  A lot of these jobs entailed playing the “gullible” card in order for the corporation to manipulate the public.

In the 1930’s “writers, publicists and advertising agents were needed on a more continuous basis” rather than temporary jobs.  Shortly thereafter, marketing and public relations became two distinct professions.  For decades, these two were looked at differently.  During the 1980’s, they began to be looked at together again under the same umbrella due to so many similarities

The world of corporate communication has changed over the course of the past century, and will continue to change.  With the field of technology advancing by the hour, this will drastically change the role of marketing and public relations practitioners.  The growing popularity of smart phones, twitter, blogs, etc. will continue to rise and connect people and the field of communication must also continue to keep the pace with these advances.

Breanna Alexander

Lauren Dehart

Lauren Smith

Kelly Wiley