We Wish You a Merry Chaos

The holiday season is one of the most crucial times for the world of commerce. During the last quarter of the year the majority of businesses finally go into the black, or in others words, finally begin to make a profit. This time is not only the most lucrative, but also the most chaotic and busy. The extra productivity allows for problems that most corporations would not face throughout the normal fiscal year.

For example, during the holiday season, FedEx enters into a frenzy of shipping, transporting, and employees are often over worked. In 1998, these over worked employees felt unappreciated, over worked, and under paid. Because of this, there was an expected strike from FedEx employees. This was ultimately due to a lack of positive communication between the corporations, in this case FedEx, and their stakeholders, the employees. They also have to deal with unhappy impatient customers and figure out a way to satisfy the demands of their stakeholders including employees and consumers, as well as all their other various stakeholders.

These problems are just a few of the issues a corporation can face during the holiday season. Because of issues such as the ones FedEx faced, it is imperative for corporations to have successful communication in order to protect the interests of their reputation and profits.

Breanna Alexander

Lauren Dehart

Lauren Smith

Kelly Wiley