Pain Relief Recall

Last Monday, October 18, Johnson & Johnson announced their sixth recall of the year for Tylenol products.  This recall was due to a musty odor found in Tylenol 8-Hour packaging.  Historically, Tylenol has a reputation consisting of recall after recall ranging from unpleasant odors to fatal issues.  This being said, Tylenol is still a top brand and has remained at the top despite these crisis situations.

How are they able to maintain such a successful image and business if their name is continually in the news for negative reasons?  Tylenol does a phenomenal job of informing their publics through immediate press releases and publicity about current issues as well as issuing recalls in order to protect their consumers.  For example, the company’s website quickly updated information with numbers to call to gain additional information, instructions on how to go about obtaining a refund, and specific details of the reasons for the recall and reasons for the odor.  This use of corporate communication is what solidifies their customers’ trust and loyalty.

Although Tylenol has experienced a more than usual amount of crisis situations where they could have potentially lost customers, their quick actions through their strong corporate communication have continued to make them a stable and reliable company.

-Haley Williams


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