The only thing better than America’s favorite past time: talking about America’s favorite past time

Major league baseball has been known throughout history as America’s favorite past time. For years we have loved to watch the game over a hot dog, a cold beer, and pitchy (no pun intended) renditions of “take me out to the ball game.” Perhaps the only thing we love more than our beloved sport, is talking about it. Whether it’s getting pumped up with a pregame show, listening to the break down post game with our favorite news castors, or following the advertisements for our favorite teams play schedules, we love to talk about the game. In other words, we love sports communication!

A good example of sports communication is seen in the hype leading up to the American League Championship game between the reigning Champion, New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers. (The winner of this game will play the winner of the National League Championship, either the Phillies or the Giants, in the World Series) Advertisements for the game flood sports bars, television ads, newspapers, magazines, and so on. The MLB website pumps up its viewer with its catchy advertising. The official site of the Texas Rangers excites its fans by head lining “Its Time!”  Complete with pictures, stats, and line ups, the website informs its fans who will be playing in the upcoming game and creates a connection with the fans that make them feel like they are a part of the game. The Yankees website displays a similar style head line with “Chase for the 28!” The flooding of advertising helps fans stay connected and feel like they are a part of the game. For this reason Major League Base ball spends millions of dollars every year in advertising to bring the game to life for its fans.

With the game coming up advertisements will increase and fans will draw on the hype for excitement and anticipation. Advertisements like “Beware of things made in October” will excite fans and communicate the message that MBL is still America’s favorite past time and to take part in the historical game that we love.


Lauren Smith

2 thoughts on “The only thing better than America’s favorite past time: talking about America’s favorite past time

  1. I have noticed that commercials in baseball, football, and many other professional sports are doing exactly this concept! Take the olympics, for example. When they are getting closer you will see swimmers making the final lap, then reaching for their sports drink. Also gymnasts literally flipping over a particular product. I am a huge fan of baseball, and I also like playoffs. The commercial you posted was one I had not seen yet. Thanks for the great post.

  2. I think that your post is a very important aspect of sports in the world today. Sports are just as big in our new headlines as any other current events that we see on a daily basis. Advertising really has been a huge part of amping the drive to watch sports and promoting the athletes. Companies care about product placement amongst athletes more than anything. Gatorade is the best example of this. They have Commercials with athletes all the time as well as sponsoring athletes in baseball or any sport for that matter. All the advertising we see does make us all much more amped to watch sports and be a part of the entertainment.

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