Can Somthing be Too Funny?

In the corporate world there are constantly deadlines to be met and everyday stresses that can take a toll on employees and the use of humor can greatly improve the overall atmosphere of the workplace. Jokes and humor are all well and good however sometimes jokes go too far, a recent study by Christopher LeGrow, a Professor from Marshall University, states that although workplace humor can help people de-stress, but it can also be offensive. In fact, around 70% of people polled reported that workplace jokes they’d heard centered around making fun of co-workers based on factors like age, sexual orientation and even weight! Additionally, 40% admitted that they themselves had made fun of a co-worker’s age or weight.

There’s also the issue of people doing something that at first seems funny but ends up backfiring. The first video is for a Subway ad that depicts a man saying he was going to scan his butt for his supervisor in place of a receipt from his lunch. This subway ad is an example of unrealistic workplace humor.

The next video is an example of a real world instance of when someone scans their butt to be funny. As you can see in this video the prank backfires and shows how sometimes certain types of humor aren’t appropriate.

Basically there is a fine line between the right kind of humor to keep moral up, and the wrong kind that breaks the copier.

Ari Nateman

Fran Greene

Lacey Inman

Megan Regele

One thought on “Can Somthing be Too Funny?

  1. I believe that laughter is the best medicine and it can brighten up a dull day at work. I think it is great when co-workers have a relationship where they can laugh and be jovial. However, there is a fine line of what is appropriate and in what context. There is a time and place for certain kinds of humor and the work environment should only support clean, light-hearted jokes. When the humor turns into harrassment of any form, it has gone to far.

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