Why You Should Hire a UNCW Com Studies Major!

Last week our Corporate Communications class discussed why other majors consider Communication Studies as the “easy major” or the “business school dropouts”. This is untrue and is the very reason that we have gateway classes such as com 105(intro to communications) and com 200 (research methods).  You are a pre-com major until you earn a “B” or better in both of these courses and then you become a full Communication Studies major. The gateway classes sort out the people who are serious about getting a degree in Communication Studies from the people who need to go a different route. Some people may think that a Corporate Communications class belongs in the business school; however, we feel that every corporation needs effective communication to succeed so, why not hire students who have a Communication Studies degree.

Here are our entrance requirements: http://www.uncw.edu/com/academics-entrance.html

In order to prepare for our future careers we have the option to partake in an internship. While an internship is not required to graduate with a Communication Studies degree from UNCW, many students choose to be involved in one. Most students who are interning from this department are working in fairly large corporations.  Since communication in different careers varies there are many positions a Communication Studies Major may hold. Students at UNCW  intern and may eventually be hired in positions like…event planner, public relations assistant, marketing assistant, account executive, news anchor, journalist, human resources recruiter etc. and that is just to name a few! The options available with a Communication Studies degree in the Corporate world are unlimited and with all the wonderful things we learn and the networking we create thanks to UNCW, we are already well on our way!

-Emily Hunter

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Hire a UNCW Com Studies Major!

  1. The Communication Major is definitely not for business major dropouts. Communication is a very quintessential part of a corporation that runs efficiently and through learning about all the elements of communication, as you do being a Comm major you realize the importance that it truely has.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, and I hope many other people will as well. I am tired of being laughed at because I am “just a COM major.” I feel like people often don’t realize that we are hardworkers and learn a lot of things that will take us far in whatever career we choose. Our classes are difficult on a different level then business. We might not do a bunch of math problems, but we learn many other skills like public speaking and research methods which are important skills employers look for. I think each major is so different in its own way that none of them should be labeled or criticized.

  3. I also find it disturbing when people refer to UNCW’s Communication studies major as an “easy major.” Like you said, our major covers so many different career choices and the classes available give us an infinite amount of options when we graduate. I believe being a Communication major makes you a more well-rounded individual and prepared coming out of college. The internships you mentioned are also very useful and there are tons available here. I am glad you hit on these points, so the hard work we put into COM 105 and COM 200 doesn’t go unnoticed.

  4. I am someone who changed my major from Marketing to Communication Studies. The reason why I changed my major was not because I considered the major to be an “easy” major. I changed my major because communication studies will benefit me more in the long run. I know what I want to do when I get out of college and it involves me working with people every day. I felt that I needed to be more focussed on communication than on those accounting and finance classes that meant nothing to me.
    I would strongly argue with people who say that communication studies is the easy way out because majoring in communication studies involves hard work and determination, especially while taking COM 105 and COM 200 because those two classes are what decide whether or not you become a communication studies major.
    After being a marketing a major for a small amount of time and then changing to communication studies, I think that all cameron school of business students should be required to take a few communication studies classes.

  5. I really enjoyed this post because I can relate to that feeling when someone tells me I took the easy major. Well the truth is I may not be as skilled analytically, but emotionally I can work well with others. I feel that being a COM major teaches us more interpersonal skills than the business department would. For example, in COM 200 we must all work with other team members and make a B average. We had to learn early how to work with others to achieve a common goal. We are just as smart as the business majors and we are sure to work well in teams!

  6. I like how you reminded me why I am now a COM major; because I got through those gateway courses! Honestly, I feel very lucky not to have taken them twice as I’ve heard from others. It is an achievement, and I don’t think I should take it as lightly as I do because COM 200 was a group effort in a sense and we worked hard to pull through. Therefore, I do not want to hear from other majors that Communication Studies is an easy way out. Luckily, however, I have never have and have never felt the embarassment of someone questioning my major.

    I like how you pointed out about internships. I still have not interned, and I feel it is important to help obtain a job after I graduate. I’m hoping to get an internship in the spring. I’m also hoping it will all work out, and so far everything at UNCW has and I’ve been able to get through all my gate ways and do well in my classes. I’m also glad I chose Communication Studies as my major, it has proven to be a wise decision.

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