Fraternities and Sororities at UNC-Wilmington…a Greek Corporation

When thinking about a school 5 miles from the beach that doesn’t have a football team, the last thing that comes to mind might be fraternities and sororities.  Greek life however consumes roughly 9.5% of the student population and there are 26 Greek organizations on campus (8 Pan-Hellenic sororities, 11 IFC fraternities, 5 NPHC sororities and 2 NPHC fraternities). Most sororities and fraternities have an executive council, which make the decisions and determine the overall feel of the organization

The President of the fraternity or sorority can be considered the boss and  make the final decisions in the chapter .  There are also a variety of different positions that are held by the members of the sorority/fraternity ranging from Public relations to social chair to a treasurer.  Those who hold these positions are in charge of certain aspects of the organization to assure the organization is accomplishing their goals and take charge of those activities.

There is a different decision making process with the various organizations much like that of different corporations. There is a huge importance of the fraternities and sororities identity as well that distinguish them from one another.  For instance Chi Omega wears white dresses on bid day and Alpha Phi wears long dresses.  Pi Kappa Alpha always has very bright shirts for rush and Phi Mu is associated with anything pink.  These are all just clothing examples of things that give identity to the organization, but anything  from personal actions to parties to philanthropy events give these fraternity and sororities there “corporate identity.”

At UNC-Wilmington, Greek life runs like a business. There are the different roles that are played in the organization which help maintain reputation, scholarship, identity, brand, etc also striving for Greeks to follow the strategic plan which can be seen at:

Ari Nateman

Fran Greene

Lacey Inman

Megan Regele

13 thoughts on “Fraternities and Sororities at UNC-Wilmington…a Greek Corporation

  1. I completely agree with what you are saying about each sorority/fraternity corporate identity. It is easy to walk around UNCW and spot those involved in Greek life due to their letter shirts, bags, and sunglasses. But although they may all have these things, each organization seems to be marketing themselves with their own type of brand. As you all mentioned, clothing choice and colors are a major part of each organizations brand. Even for those not involved in Greek life, it is easy to remember certain identities of those who are by the brand they display. I think that UNCW Greeks do a great job of marketing their organizations, including their philanthropic events, to those in the community.

  2. I am a non-traditional student at UNCW, and I am actually surprised that the stats for sorority/fraternity students is not higher. To me, I would have guessed that the greek population was more like 40% or more. This is based on the t-shirts (marketing) I see, as well as the booths and chalk-announcements that always seem to present themselves around campus.

    It is also interesting how each separate group has their own method of marketing and their own way of reaching out to the community. And to think, this is only 9.5% of the entire UNCW population? It is shocking to me. Thank you for the information.

  3. I agree that the Greek Community operate much like an organization in their roles and branding efforts. They face the same challenges larger organizations face when branding a product/service/idea, breaking through the noise already being made around similar products/etc. The choices they make is, in the end, a way to put some type of distinction between them and the rest.

  4. I agree that the Greek Community operate much like an organization in their roles and branding efforts. They face the same challenges larger organizations face when branding a product/service/idea, breaking through the noise already being made around similar products/etc. The choices they make is, in the end, a way to put some type of distinction between them and the rest.

    I am also surprised to see the overall percentage being only 9.5% considering the amount of shirts and other representations constantly around campus. This is a strong indication of the effort these groups are making to get their name, and essentially their brand, out into the community. Commendable performance on behalf of those involved.

  5. I thought you did an excellent job relating an organization on UNCW’s campus to a business. While I am not currently in a sorority I used to be in one at App State and so I know what you are talking about. Having a president, VP, secretary, etc. was a wonderful opportunity to work together and have your own responsibilites in college. It is a really good way to have insight on our big world after college when we have to get “grown up jobs.” Learning to take responsibility and learning how to manage your time is something we cannot learn too soon in life and it will stick with us well into old age.

  6. I am currently the Vice President of New Member Education of Delta Zeta sorority at UNCW and I completely agree that the Greek organizations are run like corporate businesses. Those who are in Greek life can be spotted all over campus just by what they are wearing – letters, shirts, bags, sunglasses, jackets, etc. All of these items act as advertisements to market the Greek organization which is being represented.

    I also agree that the governing council of a Greek organization is like that of a corporate business. Being on the executive board of a sorority is extremely difficult job. The board has to represent the entire chapter as well as try to make decisions that will best benefit the chapter. This is a great experience for anyone who is looking to work in the corporate world because you are forced to think of not only yourself, but for the company as a whole. You must make the best decisions for everyone and sometimes the decisions of the small group of people making up the governing body can have detrimental effects.

  7. I find it fascinating to learn about Greek life at UNCW, because I know very little about since I am not a member. However, I can see how it is very important for someone to identify with a fraternity or sorority as their personal brand. After all each fraternity/sorority is a brand, and an extension of the UNCW community. Therefore, I see also how it is necessary for each Sorority to be easily distinguishable when regarding to the colors they choose or the style of dresses; it’s a part of branding your image. Also, I did not know that all the fraternities/sororities were in diffrent classes. Most of all, I wasn’t aware there were 26 different greek organizations at UNCW. That appears to be a lot but it consists of only 9.5% of the student population. Maybe more students need to be encouraged to join.

  8. I also found it interesting that only about 10% is greek, I would have found it to be much more, because of all the shirts and chalk that one would find all over chancellors walk. I believe that fraternites and sororities do a good marketing job around campus for only being 1/10 of the population. I believe that the marketing strategies used such as philanthropy events, as well student events like AGD’s Mr and Mrs. greek and Alpha Phis king of hearts bring many students into the mix and a lot of times for a great cause. I think that the communities of fraternities and sororities is also a great social networking tool and through the use of traditions from events to dresses makes the school and the people much closer together

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