Lights… Camera… Corporate Communication!

The Video Music Awards on MTV is one of the most celebrated nights in American pop culture and media. Whether it’s the high fashion, the camera and lights, or the thought of our favorite entertainers under one roof, America loves watching and being a part of the VMAs. In order to integrate the public into the voting process and give them the feeling that they are a part of the show, the use mass media was present this year to reach millions of viewers at a time. MTV helped get people involved by the use of cell phones, Facebook, twitter, etc. It was reported that even during the show stars like  Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Lady Gaga were tweeting messages to their followers. This mode of mass media allows the public to feel connected with not only the show, but their favorite stars as well. It bridges the gap between fantasy and reality and causes the audience to become a part of the show and rock-star lifestyle.

This idea is just as important in Corporate Communication. Instead of being based on entertainers and fans, the idea revolves around businesses and their clients, customers, and publics. Businesses use mass media in order to reach more people and help them to become a part of, or feel connected to, a company’s public narrative. Many companies are using the same mass media outlets as those in pop culture, such as Facebook, twitter, texting, and so on. This helps them reach a wider audience and gets their public more involved. The use of mass media helps bridge the communication gap between an organization or business and its publics. Whether for pop culture purposes, such as the VMAs, or promoting an organization or business, mass media can help create positive and consistent communication with an organization and its audience.

To watch the VMAs, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Lights… Camera… Corporate Communication!

  1. I believe social networking such as Twitter and Facebook are great ways to communicate with companies, organizations as well as stars that most of us will never have an interaction with. Not only is this how most individuals communicate now, I agree that it creates a more accurate form of communication by bridging the communication gap. It is a great way for companies to get feedback from their followers so they can solve problems and make their organization more appealing and acceptable to society.

  2. The innovation of social networking is truly remarkable in my opinion. The opinions of others is becoming such a pervasive and ever-present part of the entertainment industry. The VMA’s must truly be more popular than ever before. When I say popular, I mean that the ratings must have exponentially increased due to audience participation. Look at shows like American Idol. This show in particular is a major success partly because America can be a part of the competition and decide who wins. It is the same for the VMA’s, only people can go in to greater depth about sharing their opinions, and ideas on the event.

  3. I do believe that social networking is changing the way corporations and people (such as entertainers and politicians) communicate with the masses. It is a lot easier to send out a tweet or update a Facebook status than it is to release a statement to the media or have an interview with a journalist. With a click of a mouse, millions can be instantly reached.

    Social networking sites such at Twitter and Facebook allow a more personal connection between regular people and celebrities/companies. I believe that this is a great thing, as it gets more people involved in the communication process and has so much potential into helping others. Think of the earthquake in Haiti, people rights, etc… all have been tweeted and millions of people have helped jump on the bandwagon to help others. Facebook and Twitter are doing big things for the world, and its hard to believe that too websites could communicate so much to so many people.

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