Remembering COM 495

As the final blog the IMC-Hawks wanted to give Dr. Persuit and COM 495 salutations through a few testimonial statements to end on a positive note.  The following are from a couple of our team members who wanted to share their thoughts of the class as a whole.  We hope you enjoy:

“Dr. Persuit’s IMC classes have been some of the most interesting and
insightful classes I have taken in college. She is excited about what
she teaches and encourages her students to be excited as well. Her
Advanced IMC class has inspired me to go to graduate school to study
integrated marketing communications after I work for a few years
because I am convinced that it is the future of communication-related
positions. I think that all Communication Studies programs should
offer these courses.”

-Nicole Doherty

“Dr. Persuit’s passion for IMC and thoughtful interest to every single one of her lessons and students is not only obvious but it has created the most stimulating class environment I’ve experienced during my time here at UNCW.”

-Taylor Diehl

“The readings, discussions, and group projects really helped me to get a better grasp on IMC. Intro to IMC is exactly what it says it is, simply an introduction that leaves you more curious than before! The Identity project helped me to imagine what it would be like to work for a Marketing or PR Agency and our Event Planning Project shed some light on that career as well. That kind of classroom experience is far and few between and I am grateful for those opportunities because of their heavy weight on my ‘Career Wish List’! The blog also taught us team work and cooperation and was a taste of what corporate or business communication life would be like. I love it when you learn applicable concepts and themes not found in a text book! Everyone can use a little IMC!!”

-Mandy Baker


“COM 495 introduced me to many new things and I think writing blog posts was one of the most beneficial. This whole semester of writing has not only given me a fabulous way to share my writing samples, but has also taught me about the whole blogosphere, something I never thought I’d join. COM 495 – IMC combined so many aspects of the classes I’ve previously had, all bunched into one. Thus, to explain this class, I thought it’d be easiest in recipe form:

Combine the following ingredients and stir over one semester of coursework”:

3 cups teamwork
2 cups creativity
1/3 cup marketing
1/3 cup PR
1/3 cup advertising
2 tbsps innovation
and add a little bit of reading to taste!

-Rachel Kaylor

“Advanced IMC was such a great class, learning experience and opportunity! As a student we were placed in real life situations and were able to get a glance of what the real job world is like. The learning material for the class was challenging yet very exciting to analyze and discuss. This class was very unconventional; however the activities and readings we did really helped us understand more thoroughly Integrated Marketing Communication. Dr. Persuit is very knowledgeable on the topics and her real life experience made the class very exciting and memorable!”

-Shannon Meadows

This past semester as I was interning, I worked closely with the marketing department. One day someone asked me what I wanted to do after graduate. I said I would like to work for a few years and then attend graduate school. When they asked for what, I said IMC. They stared back at me with a confused look on their face. I was shocked that someone in a marketing department wasn’t aware of this concept. Perhaps they call it something different? Or perhaps we as students of this class are at a great advantage? I think the second one! This class has taught me how the many aspects of the business side of communication studies overlap. You can use a multitude of ideas and techniques to reach people, which allow you to be creative. Although it may not always be the easy at times, this is one course that definitely prepared me for real world. Dr. Persuit was there to guide us, but we as students directed the class and took on more responsibility in the classroom than usual. It was an awesome opportunity to be and IMC-Hawk and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much Dr. Persuit!!

-Jess Smith

“She’s definitely the thought provoking teacher when it comes to understanding social media in the workforce and in society. I have skills that I can take with me anywhere. She is the REALEST professor I think I’ve ever had here at UNCW.”

-Colby Lewis

“After taking both the intro and advanced IMC classes with Dr. Persuit, I have finally figured out what I want to do with my Communication Studies degree. All aspects of IMC interest me, especially the parts dealing with the media (advertising, branding, etc.). This class has provided me with a background of experience in the field and I have finally found a potential career path!”

-Lacey Inman

“COM 495 has been a great end to my college career at UNCW.  I could have graduated last semester as my departmental and university courses were complete.  I knew Advanced IMC was being taught under Dr. Persuit this spring, and I chose not to graduate for a few reasons, but one being the opportunity to take this class.  I am so glad I did because the project experiences and the class discussions will be remembered and made my choice to stay worth the wait.  I encourage all COM majors to dabble in IMC because I promise you, you will want to learn more!  Even after the intro and advanced courses, I want to learn more, and plan to utilize my graduate career in doing so.  Thanks Dr. P!”

Allyson Corbin

One thought on “Remembering COM 495

  1. Dear IMC-Hawks,
    Thank you so much for your comments on the course and on IMC in general. This semester I tried a lot of new things; what made them successful were your attitudes, intellectual curiosity, and your willingness to do the work. What makes me most proud is that you embraced the workload (after the minor initial panic) and then you went full speed ahead.
    To my graduating seniors, thank you for giving your all this last semester at UNCW and keep in touch. I’m anxious to hear about what good work you’ll be doing at your jobs/graduate schools after you graduate.
    To my juniors and December seniors, keep up the good work and I’ll see most of you in class in the fall (get ready for more RFQs 🙂
    Thanks again for setting the bar high for future Advanced IMC classes!
    Dr. P.

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