My own personal brand

I have never had to “look” for a job…

Of course, I have been in places, filled out applications and have gone through the interview process multiple times; however, I have yet to be turned down.

So, when I say I have never had to “look” for a job that means I have never really had to look.

Until now, when it really counts…

I am roughly two weeks away from graduation.

Ironically, today I went on a third interview for a “big girl” job that I really want.  My mother has always said if I could just get the interview, I would get the job.  Thus far, she has been right and tomorrow morning, I will find out if her philosophy still holds true.

I am finishing out my last week of classes as an undergrad, trying to figure out where I am going to move when my lease runs up in a month, waiting to hear back about this job, all the meanwhile neglecting to take my graduation gown out of the bag and put it on a hanger because a part of me is still not ready to close this chapter of my life.

However, we cannot delay the inevitable.

So, what has IMC taught me?

IMC has allowed me to recognize and perfect my own personal brand.

In my mind, college isn’t all about your major, the classes you are taking, your GPA, your fraternity or sorority, all of the other organizations you are involved in on and off-campus, the number of cords you get to wear the day you graduate—it is about taking EVERYTHING that you experience—and somehow incorporating that into yourself…your own personal brand.

You aren’t selling your degree when you go on a job interview.  You aren’t selling your GPA, your honors or awards.  You aren’t selling the number of community service hours you have completed over the past four years.  On a job interview, you are selling you…your own personal brand.

So, to wrap this up…the reason I haven’t ever really had to “look” for a job is because I have been perfecting my own personal brand over the past four years and I am very confident in the brand I have made for myself.

I remember names and faces.

I will always shake your hand.

I remember useless factoids that sound impressive.

I mock the sayings of anyone who has something intriguing to say (especially my mother).

I know how to be charming.

Even though I may talk a lot, I am always interested in what someone else has to say and when I listen, I really listen.

I am honest.

I will always look you in the eyes.

I know where I want to go and by the time you get done talking to me you know I will make it happen eventually.

You cannot learn these traits out of a textbook.  They are far more impressive than a GPA.  These traits make me unique.  They are mine and they are what make me memorable.

This is my own personal brand…

What’s yours?

Laura Ann Klinedinst