Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick

“But meanwhile it is flying, irretrievable time is flying.”    -Virgil

That’s exactly how I’ve felt over the past few weeks as a graduating senior. ‘Where has the time gone?’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not a poetry buff nor have I read anything from Virgil since high school AP courses. However, it always feels like time is just flying away. But while time is irretrievable as Virgil puts it, the memories of past times certainly are not.

And yes, the title of this blog is the open verse of ‘Time after Time’ by Cydni Lauper…Don’t hate

This post is chance for me to look back at the time I have had as Communication Studies major. I have learned so many things and gained a better understanding of who I am through this major.

It is through Communication Studies that I’ve come to find a home. What makes this major and department so great is the fact that the students and teacher in it can almost be considered as family. Just think of all the group projects you have worked on, what type of friendships have come from those groups. There are professors in this major that I consider to be my mentors. In the Communication Studies everyone is allowed to express themself, or that’s what I’ve learned in my Adv. IMC class (I think we scared some of the Intro to IMC students at the TED event). But that is the wonder of Communication Studies, it is a major about effective and professional expression.

The Communication Studies major has allowed me to combine two of my professional interests. Public relations has always drawn me to the profession due to its emphasis on creating relationships. I also have an interest in marketing. However I thought it was impossible to combine these two, and I would just have to choose one or the other. In Communication Studies that is not the case. Integrated Marketing Communications emphasizes the strengths of both professions into one. I have greatly enjoyed learning about brand marketing, and how you relate that brand with publics from Dr. Persuit (I am one of the lucky few to be her first class at UNCW).

I must thank Communication Studies for not only providing me a home of learning, but also providing me opportunities to advance my life. I will be attending the NCSU Communication Graduate School in the fall. I look forward to continue my education about the subject to better myself and the major.

Finally, remember that little section about group work and creating long lasting relationships. Well I am the success story. I met my fiance, Holly Souther, my freshman year in COM 110 Public Speaking. We then were COM 200 group mates. While it’s true that happened two years ago in my sophomore year, I believe that created a foundation for what Communication Studies is mostly about, relationships.

So thank you Communication Studies, but remember this is not a good-bye…it’s simply a see you later.

-Jesse Bazemore