Oh, if we could all be Meryl…

There are many of us who aspire to be Meryl Streep (aka: Miranda Priestly) in The Devil Wears Prada.  A strong woman, in a power position, submerged in the world of fashion.  However, being the editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine is not all that Hollywood makes it out to be (and we should all know this by now).  The September Issue is a documentary film that brings a little piece of reality to what is really like to be the heart and soul of a major publication.

Although, the publishing world may appear to be falling off of the radar, there is still a lot to be offered career wise by being employed by a major publication.  If you are a journalist, you can write.  If you are a salesperson, you can sell advertising space within the publication or advertise the publication itself.  If you are into graphic design, someone has to create, design and layout the publication.

When looking for a career (especially one that incorporates IMC) looking for opportunities in the publishing world could really work to your advantage.  Advertising, PR, marketing, journalism, graphic design…they all can be found in-house. The networking opportunities are tremendous.  You are usually grounded in a metropolitan area and the best part is the publishing world is looking for young, fresh faces.  As new media and technology are growing, many who have been in the business for years are having trouble keeping up and making the transition from pen and paper to the dreaded keyboard.

This is our selling point.

A few good websites to search for careers in the publishing are MediaBistro and Publishers Marketplace.

Laura Ann Klinedinst