Marketing Over Seas

Mindshare Media is an innovative media network corporation that functions not only in North America, but across the world. The many locations of  MindShareMedia offices include North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asian Pacific. The company strives to enhance the way businesses interact and communicate with consumers and convey new, pioneering ideas in a unique way. The company claims “gaining a greater share of customers’ minds for our clients calls for smart ideas, but they are worth little without rapid decision-making, committed action and faultless execution,” which is always the goal of their employees.

Upon visiting London in May of 2009, I had the opportunity to tour a Mindshare office and speak with a young professional who had been employed with the company for a few years. He described that the way the company conducted business was very laid back, yet professional, and focused on helping their clients cover new ground and break away from traditional audiences. He even discussed a current campaign Mindshare was working on with their client, Hanes underwear. The young man explained that employees of Mindshare developed a marketing strategy of displaying and simply stringing Hanes men’s underwear throughout the streets of London to gain attention from people passing by. This was just an example of how Mindshare takes their strategies to a new level.

Current clients include Nike, LG and Virgin Mobile, and the Mindshare website provides many case studies to support their past and current clients. MindShare Media prides themselves on creating groundbreaking advertisement campaigns as well as overall promotional marketing strategies and tools. They have a very impressive website that is interactive and details their mission as a company, their services, as well as their new ideas of marketing for a particular product.

The marketing strategies and overall communication tactics Mindshare employ are without a doubt worth exploring. Mindshare Media will only continue to grow as the global communication market shrinks and people are brought closer together with innovative ideas and resources such as the ones this company offers.

Stephanie Saulsbury

Lacey Inman