Networking in Wilmington, NC

As young professionals we focus on what career we want to have and what company we want to land a job with, but rarely do we focus on how we get there. We’ve all heard the phrase; getting the job you want is all about “knowing people.” This may be truer than we think. The act of networking is a very important practice that all business men and women must try and accomplish.

Networking can be thought of as a sharing of common interests or ideas. The business world is constantly evolving and therefore businesses need to be always be connected to new ideas and thoughts. Through networking people are able to share their opinions and even more importantly meet people that their business could benefit from.

Wilmington has a plethora of businesses that rely on networking. A great website that helps professionals within our area is This webpage creates a calendar of all the networking events that are happening throughout the month. There are even different categories of networking from young professionals to meet and greets. For example, every Wednesday there is an event held called “strictly business.” The event is held at a local bar where a more casual atmosphere allows sales executives, business owners, and managers to meet new clients and contacts. Another example is the Brunswick County Young Professionals meetings, where men and women that are up and coming into the business world are able to talk about their next step, how to get there, who to talk to, what’s the best way to go about things.

Everyone benefits from networking, because its smart, easy, and as we see from this website, fun! Networking can be seen as a challenge because it is not effective if you’re not willing to put yourself out there. Check out the webpage for more information on opportunities where you can network and get your name out there. It is never too early to start networking.

Alissa Lockwood