The Personality of Mayfaire

Shopping, for some, is a means of buying the necessities for living.  For others shopping is a type of therapy to liberate unwanted stresses filling one’s life.  Both types of shoppers range from the highly uninterested penny pincher to the overindulgent impulse buyer.  Often times the uninterested prefer to shop quickly or online because of the shopping location and/or amount of people congregating under one rooftop.  No matter your preference, even if you dislike the ordinary retail atmosphere, almost anyone would be impressed with the type of leisure shopping available at Mayfaire Town Center simply for the feeling aroused when walking around.

Located near Wrightsville Beach, NC, on Military Cutoff and Eastwood Roads, Mayfaire Town Center, better known as Mayfaire to locals, is a 400-acre PUD community filled with various retail shops, restaurants, and apartments/condos/hotels/homes packed with entertainment for many in the surrounding neighborhood.  Mayfaire is unlike any other shopping center in the area.  The town center offers a combination of specialty boutiques, recognizable shops, delicious cafes, casual and fine dining, and entertainment venues to meet anyone’s taste while maintaining the coastal atmosphere the Cape Fear residents love.   With its outdoor, old-fashioned downtown feel, shoppers can park close in proximity to their store’s location and walk among the numerous places to shop, dine and relax while enjoying the weather all the while.

At first glance Mayfaire resembles a petite city within the small-town life of Wilmington.  Driving down the main drag excites new and old customers as they see the variety of shops and eateries sitting underneath inviting condos, all beautifully connected with matching bricks and attractive awnings.   While most indoor malls generate a hurried, confined space for customers to spend their money, Mayfaire is the exact opposite with a chicly laidback, upscale feel.  The personality Mayfaire creates is very inviting and comforting, allowing customers to stroll through stores, grab a bite to eat, and top their day trip off with an afternoon at the movies or listening to an outdoor concert and sipping southern sweet tea.  Customers can easily get lost in the vibe Mayfaire offers and forget they are merely shopping and feel they are experiencing an escape from typical retail to a higher quality of shopping.

With over fifty assorted shops to choose from, Mayfaire offers just what every shopper wants and needs all in one place.  Mayfaire was specifically built to separate itself from other traditional strip and indoor malls and offer the community a finer place of shopping.  As the Marketing Director Paige McKenzie says, “Whether you spend one hour or one day indulging in the shopping choices at Mayfaire, you’ll see what I mean when we say we’re ‘anything but ordinary.’”

-Allyson Corbin