A Glimpse into Digital Multimedia

New technology has allowed Communication Studies to become a very versatile major.  With the evolution of social networking tools and other forms of new media, those who have chosen a career field in Communication Studies have had no other choice than to become very versatile in their technological skill set.  One aspect of Communication Studies that is often overlooked, yet is essential to the field of study is digital multimedia.  Digital multimedia often serves as a backbone for marketing and advertising seeing as visual aesthetics are key to these practices.  With this in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to explore the functions of the Adobe Suite.

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., are all computer programs that advertising and marketing professionals use on a regular basis.  The functionality of this software is practically endless and that is why knowledge of these programs is often times very appealing to employers.  The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers a number of classes aimed at helping students acquire a skill set within the Adobe Suite.

Below are a list of courses offered by UNCW’s Communication Studies department geared towards digital multimedia:

COM 260. Digital Multimedia: Comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of digital multimedia. Topics include digital image editing, digital graphic design, Web design, and basic animation.

COM 262. Introduction to Animation: Basic principles of animation using computer generated animation. Providing students with essential tools to gain knowledge about modeling, lights, cameras, motion, interactivity and rendering.

COM 460. Desktop Publishing : Study of layout and design as it applies to desktop publishing with practical application of design fundamentals for a variety of practical assignments (e.g., brochures, newsletters, Web pages). Emphasis on use of desktop publishing for the public relations/advertising practitioner and the employment of software packages needed for effective layout and design.

COM 475. Advanced Digital Multimedia: Proving students with the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about digital multimedia. Emphasis on developing skills in digital multimedia for use in advertising, print media, and electronic media.

Dr. Noor Al-Deen of UNCW’s Communication Studies department has samples of students’ work on her website.

Laura Ann Klinedinst