Sprite commercial goes global

Hip-Hop artist Drake stars in Sprite’s new campaign launch “Spark,” the company’s new updated logo.  This campaign is aimed at encouraging teens to express their creativity through music and film.  Spark is Sprite’s first ever global marketing campaign.

The commercial is titled “Unleashed” and features the rapper in a recording studio with no inspiration.  As soon as he drinks the Sprite and his body begins to transform as the Sprite flows through his body.  As a result of the soda he is able to find inspiration and spits a famous ling line from his song “Forever”, “Last name ever/First name greatest.”

Drake has yet to release his debut album so the worldwide publicity will hopefully be great for his career.  “We looked at a lot of artists for this campaign,” says Joe Tripodi, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of the Coca-Cola Company. “It began with the core creative idea that Sprite is the spark of fresh thinking when you combine our brand of individuality and creativity with the sudden refreshment of lemon lime that comes together for the spark. As we filtered through, we realized we wanted someone with a breadth of interest across the globe — a new, fresh, young talent.”

The “Spark” campaign is an integrated marketing tool that will allow people an outlet to record their own 45-second animated films.  “Unleashed” currently airs in four markets, United States, Philippines, Turkey, and South Africa.

-Danielle Murray