Celebrity Blog Hall of Fame

You friend, then you stalk.  You follow, they tweet and then you re-tweet their tweets.

They blog.

And surprisingly there are a number of blogs written by celebrities that are actually worth reading.  Alec Baldwin’s blog, hosted by The Huffington Post gives excellent insight into his life, his feelings, his views on current events, etc,.  It is very intriguing sometimes to see the “real” side of a famous person’s life.   The term “real” meaning: at least the online presence of the blog is sincere.

So, with this in mind I would like to introduce Forbes Top Five Best Celebrity Blogs.

#1—Wil Wheaton


#3—William Gibson

#4—Barbra Streisand

#5—Dave Barry

These may not be the mainstream celebrities that most would follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook; however, their blogs are intriguing, funny and make for a great read.


Laura Ann Klinedinst