CFCI 10th Anniversary Planning Project

Our class group has assumed the responsibility of planning the event celebrating Cape Fear Center for Inquiry’s ten years of education. Upon meeting with representatives from the local charter school, we established a budget, a venue, food, supplies, and guest speakers. Our client’s motive is to provide a friendly atmosphere for the current students, alumni, and their families, thus a local arboretum on a Sunday afternoon in April seemed appropriate. Our next step was to make a decision about food. Taking budget into consideration and acknowledging that food is usually the single most expensive item at any event, we have begun asking for donations from local restaurants and establishments. Supplies will include tables, beverages, T-shirts, raffle prizes, seating, a tent and podium for guest speakers and special recognitions.

Contacting the public and media is crucial in the planning of any event, so we have a media kit in the works. Our client would like for any and all alumni to attend and since most of them may not be in direct communication with the school, we are utilizing all of our resources through the local media as an outreach tool. Awards for the three founders will be presented that afternoon as well.

We have planned to meet with our client exactly one month before the event to make sure all arrangements have been made, invitations and media kits sent, and that thank you letters for donations have been written.

Mandy Baker