IMC Conference

At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Persuit gave our class an outline foreshadowing our semester’s assignments.  As mentioned on Monday’s and Tuesday’s blog, we dove into a great book setting the framework for our perspective on social capital in relation to IMC and had the wonderful opportunity to learn the appropriate research and instruction to rebrand and rename an organization.  Although our first two assignments were interesting, informative and fun, we have all been anxiously awaiting our last and final assignment, which we are now getting into.

The last two months of this semester are being devoted to three different projects taking place simultaneously distributed among three different groups of five students.  All of the projects aim to generate social capital and utilize IMC strategies to the fullest.  The next few blogs will be describing each project in detail starting today with the IMC Conference Due Diligence project.

Conferences are a big part of the communication world.  They allow the opportunity for students, faculty and practitioners to come together to share the newest research and information regarding a specialized field in communication.  These fields can be as broad as general communication studies to the more specific area of integrated marketing communication.  Conferences typically last a few days with many panels and presentations taking place, generate the excuse to eat several meals, and a allow time to hear a great speaker elaborate on the theme related to the conference.  The IMC Conference group has the challenge to research the necessary areas behind the scenes (due diligence) of a potential IMC Conference to take place in the summer of 2011 at UNCW.

The bulk of our research focuses on the logistics and beginning planning stages of the conference.  The research includes learning about similar conferences, possible conference themes, ideas for conference tangibles, IMC literature, appropriate outlets for promotion of the conference, graduate programs in IMC, a potential key-note speaker, and a reasonable location/size to then finalize the conference details (food, entertainment, etc.).  We will also learn the steps for writing the call for papers for the conference as well as begin the preliminary budget and conference development.

At the end of the semester, our final exam will be in the form of a presentation, presenting the findings and proposal for our project.  Our clients who we will be pitching our information to are our instructor, Dr. Persuit, and our department chair, Dr. Olsen.

We are currently in the largest research stage of our project as the majority of our assignment relies on information from other conferences and outlets.  All five of us working on the project are very excited to come together after spring break to sync our research and discover what we have found.  This assignment is definitely our biggest challenge to date, and we are excited to be a part of the ground work for a bi-annual conference at UNCW.  As the semester ends, we will keep you posted on project updates.

If you have any ideas for what you may like to see at such a conference, feel free to leave a comment as we are open to suggestions!

-Allyson Corbin