Groundswell- winning in a world transformed by social technologies

Social Media is a revolution that has undoubtedly changed the business world as we know it, but the question to many is not what is social media, it’s what do we do with it? Groundswell- winning in a world transformed by social technologies, answers just that question.

Written by Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester Research, the book talks about consumers are taking to the web through Facebook, YouTube and blogs and talking about your brand, company and products. It is up to us to take advantage of this consumer effort. The authors discuss how companies are gaining insights, experiencing increased profits and even exciting their own customers.

Groundswell may be written about a phenomenon that is fairly new to our radar, yet there is real statistical data which backs up their claims. But don’t go thinking that this book is nothing but facts, the authors tell stories. They share stories with real people which made it both appealing and relatable.

When talking about social media which deals with computers and technology it is easy to get caught up in the technological jargon. Groundswell does a great job of keeping its focus on the social aspect rather than the technology. It is about the people, both the consumers and the company rather then the mechanics.

The book has started phenomena of some sort. It has it’s own webpage with links to the Groundswell blog. This blog kept up mostly by Bernoff discusses social technology in many aspects of the business world. He also suggests other reading material such as Linchpin by Seth Godin. Once you read Groundswell you are swept up In this trend and now have somewhere to go to further your insight.

Students, teachers, professionals and analysts from all over have read the Groundswell. Positive Reviews have been written by accredited papers such as t the Boston Globe and New York Times. Industry leaders like Craig Newmark have even weighed in. He states “Internet-style communication tools change organizational communication completely, providing a means for workers to run organizations more effectively. Groundswell describes how this can happen in any organization, focusing on the human issues, which is the hard part.” With nothing but praise how could you not want to run out and pick up a copy today?

Oh and some good news! Bernoff has recently announced that he has begun work on a new book Harnessing the Groundswell Look for it this summer!

Jess Smith