IMC – The Next Generation

Don and Heidi Schultz’s book, IMC—The Next Generation, is one that many of the students in this advanced IMC class have read at some point in our undergraduate careers. To those new to the discipline of integrated marketing communication, this book offers insight into developing relationships with customers and shows marketers how integrating their organization can help them focus on the customer. There are numerous cases and real-world examples provided that reveal how to use the IMC model presented in the book.

They start the book by describing IMC as “a process through which companies accelerate returns by aligning communication objectives with corporate goals.” The importance of branding is emphasized throughout the book as they explain how much of an organization’s marketing efforts switched from focusing on the company’s products to focusing on the establishment of brands. Just as the primary focus of almost any successful business is also the customer, the primary focus of the book is the customer, stating that in a value-oriented IMC program, “Customers and prospects are treated as individuals, not as markets.”

Readers of this book range from students studying IMC, to professionals trying to establish themselves in the business world. Other reviews are almost all positive and full of praise. One review stated, “If you care anything about Integrated Marketing Communications, you’ll read this book. This book has been a bible of sorts for me over the past few years. Anyone trying to figure out what’s going on in social media and the changing nature of the buyer should take a read through this first. Some of the areas may be a bit hard to grasp, but the methodology makes sense, and the Schultz team breaks it down into a step-by-step process that will make your marketing programs measurable (if you follow their advice).”

Overall, IMC—The Next Generation comes highly recommended from critics, students and readers in general. It offers insight from a husband and wife team of professionals who understand IMC and how it can be used in the business and professional world.

Nicole Doherty
Stephanie Saulsbury
Lacey Inman