The Internet Too Slow?

The Internet is apparently too slow according to a Google analyst. Google has almost always had a very conservative view of the internet and the advocate for few, if any government censorship and barriers. There are many countries, such as China and France that put blocks on website’s information in order to hinder the amount and type of information its citizens receive. Google’s ideal would be achieving a single Web in order for all people to have high-speed, open and all-access internet connections.

Google has recently taken strong actions against China by threatening to completely pull Google out of the country because of their strong governmental intervention and hacking. By taking out all of the blocks and creating a unified Web, Google says that everyone will be able to use the internet to its strongest ability. During an interview with CNN , Google analyst Derek Slater answered questions to give insight on how we can get this broadband, high-speed internet. Slater says, the Federal Communications Commission has started working towards creating a national broadband plan to give fast, affordable and open access to the internet in the United States in effort to put the US back on top in regards to internet leaders. The plan of action to achieve this is very in depth and requires much experimentation. It will be vital to achieve this solution that all sectors, municipalities and government agencies.

Some ideas Google has submitted include using communities as central hubs for this broadband internet access for people to use and disperse. Furthermore to spread multiple strands of fiber to people’s homes in order to eliminate the high cost of digging up the streets and running cable into people’s homes.  Slater emphasize how essential it is for people to participate in civil society and political processes, along with economic growth, innovation and job creation. By falling behind on the implementation of this, we are falling behind in global competition economically and innovatively.

Using Google as an example, Slater shows how the open internet can benefit all users and society through greater innovation, creativity, and free expression. This Democratization of the internet will further evolve the way people, business, and society use the internet in a seemingly immeasurable way.

Shannon Meadows