Google Tapping Into Social Media?

Google is expected to tap into the world of Facebook and Twitter through its highly popular Gmail service which will allow users to post similar status updates and other items.  According to the company planned an official announcement for earlier today at about 1p.m. in California.

The search engine leader has recently emphasized social media by altering it’s search function allowing easier access to social media sites. If all goes as planned however, Google’s version will differ from Twitter’s in the fact that status updates and posts will remain private by default. The sites also plans to sound off when a user posts something such as a video or picture to related sites such as YouTube.

This is not the search engine leaders first attempt to connect with evolving technology. The company recently helped create Nexus One, a smart phone, and Google’s first attempt at the computer hardware market. Last month Google announced that users could change their accounts to make results related to co-workers, friends and other members of social networking sites appear above all other listed results.

This feature called the “social search feature,” was first introduced last year and was made available to all through beta testing on January 28. This will be the first step Google is taking to ensure that “web search is always as social as the website.” An instructional video is available for viewing on the site’s official blog.

Jess Smith